A 30-Minute Workout to Get you Over a Case of the Mondays

Around aSweatLife HQ, we love Mondays. We start every week with what we call #CarpeMonday, and we head into our weeks with a vengeance after taking on a morning workout.

Confession: I would never, ever get up for these workouts if the rest of the team wasn’t meeting me somewhere. So if you, like me, are a reluctant or would-be morning person, you may have missed your alarm today.

This 30-minute workout will fit into your day and can give you the dose of sweat you need in the time you’ve got and can maybe make up for your lost morning workout.

Here’s your workout!

For each of these sets, there are two exercises that have a prescribed number of reps and a third exercise that you’ll hold for time. That time that you hold the third exercise will vary person-to-person. Here’s why: As you do your first two exercises, time yourself. The time that it takes you to complete exercise one and two is the amount of time that you’ll hold the third exercise.

Do each set four total times.

As always, be sure to warm up before you start working. Try something like this 5-minute dynamic warm up from Greatist.

Set 1: 

  • 10 alternating offset push-ups
  • 10 squat jumps
  • Squat hold for the same amount of time it took to finish the first two exercises

Set 2:

  • 20 lunge jumps
  • 10 leg lifts
  • Boat hold for the same amount of time it took to finish the first two exercises

Set 3: 

  • 10 burpees
  • 10 forearm plank reaches
  • full-arm plank for the same amount of time it took to finish the first two exercises

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Here are your moves!

Alternating offset push-ups: Putting your right hand forward and leaving your left hand under your shoulder, hold in a plank position on your knees or toes as you bend your elbows to lower down. Press back up and switch the position of your hands.



asweatlife_30-minute-workout_alternating-push-up_4 asweatlife_30-minute-workout_alternating-push-up_3

Squat jumps: Starting with your feet hip-width distance and your knees behind your toes, sit down and back. From there, explode up into a jump and land softly into your squat position.


Squat hold: Sit down into your squat with your feet hip-width distance and your knees behind your toes and hold – like you’re sitting in an imaginary chair.


Lunge jumps: Starting in a lunge position – step your left foot back behind your hip, keeping about 2.5 feet between your front foot and your back foot. Bend your left knee down towards the floor and raise your left heel. Keep your right heel down and bend your front knee to 90 degrees, keeping your ankle beneath your knee and your knee in front of your hip. Jump and switch the position of your feet, landing softly in a lunge on the other side.



Leg lifts: Start laying on your back with your feet above your hips. Hinging from your hips, lower your feet to just above the floor and raise back up. Keep your abs engaged the entire time and your lower back pulled down to the floor.

asweatlife_30-minute-workout_leg-lifts_2 asweatlife_30-minute-workout_leg-lifts

Boat hold: On your seat, lean back, keeping your back flat and your core tight. Pull your knees up towards your chest, keeping your knees in front of your hips. Pull your belly button in and hold.


Burpees: Squat down, placing your hands on the ground, jump back into a plank. From there, lower down to the ground with your body in a straight line. Push back up, jump back forward and stand or jump at the top.



asweatlife_30-minute-workout_burpee_4 asweatlife_30-minute-workout_burpee_2 asweatlife_30-minute-workout_burpee_4 asweatlife_30-minute-workout_burpee_5 asweatlife_30-minute-workout_burpee_6

Forearm plank reaches: start in a forearm plank position, with your forearms on the floor and your elbows directly beneath your shoulders. Keep your core pulled in tight and your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Reach your left arm forward in front of your shoulders, then return to your starting position, then reach your right arm forward in front of your shoulder.





full-arm plank: Place your hands on the ground under your shoulders. With your core pulled in tight, keep your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Hold there.


(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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