Work out at Home With Just Two Pieces of Equipment

There comes a time in every holiday weekend when you realize that you’ve spent the entire day in the sun and you have 15 minutes before your favorite gym closes. When you’ve banked on getting in a workout, what’s a sweat-seeker to do?

Fit it in by doing a little bit of self-coaching.

We post a lot of no-equipment workouts that you can use if you don’t have access to equipment, but if you’re able to get your hands on a little bit of equipment, this will be a perfect, quick sweat to get in your workout fix.

You need just two pieces of equipment to work out at home with us: one heavy weight and a med ball.

You’ll set a clock and go through one 10-minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) with one piece of equipment. After you’re done, give yourself a solid one-minute rest then move onto the second 10-minute AMRAP workout with the other piece of equipment.

As always, make sure to warm up and cool down pre- and post-workout.

10-minute med ball workout:

  • 10 med ball squat jumps (tapping your seat to the med ball at the bottom of each rep)
  • 10 med ball lunge jumps (both legs must complete a lunge motion to count as a rep)
  • 10 heels up and over a med ball
  • 10 full sit-ups with a med ball
  • (when you finish the set, repeat)

10-minute heavy weight workout:

Make sure that you have a weight that is a challenge for 10 reps – you may want a lighter weight for one movement compared to another.

  • 10 right row
  • 10 left row
  • 10 half-kneeling twists right
  • 10 half-kneeling twists left
  • 10 sprinter crunches
  • (when you finish the set, repeat)

Here are your exercises:

Med ball squat jump: Use the med ball as a guide for squat depth, tapping your seat down to meet it with your knees behind your toes and your feet hip-width distance. From the bottom of that range of motion, explode up.  Land softly, returning to your starting position.

asweatlife_med ball workout_14 asweatlife_med ball workout_13

Med ball lunge jumps: starting in a low lunge position, with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your front foot in line with the hip on the same side and your back foot in line with the hip on the same side. Jump up and switch the position of your feet mid-air. If the weight of the med ball is too much, just do the same movement without it.

asweatlife_med ball workout_11 asweatlife_med ball workout_12

Heels up and over a med ball: With your elbows bent behind you and on the ground, keep your back flat and your core pulled in tight. keep your legs as straight as possible and your feet glued together. Move your feet from one side of the ball, to the top of it to the other side, attempting to never touch the ball with your feet.

asweatlife_med ball workout_4

asweatlife_med ball workout_7 asweatlife_med ball workout_8

asweatlife_med ball workout_15

Full sit-ups: Start in supine position with your knees bent and your feet planted, sit all the way up, bringing your med ball up overhead.

asweatlife_med ball workout_3 asweatlife_med ball workout_2

Single-arm row: with one heavy weight in your hand and your arm fully extended, stagger your stance, and lean forward while keeping your hips and shoulders square. Pull your elbow up past your ribs and squeeze at the top.

asweatlife_one heavy weight workout_4 asweatlife_one heavy weight workout_3

Half kneeling twist: With one knee down and the other bent at 90 degrees in front of you with your foot planted under your knee, hold a weight in both hands, keeping your arms either straight or bent slightly. Twist through your torso towards the knee that is planted on the ground – that’s your starting position. From your starting position, twist up at a diagonal.

asweatlife_one heavy weight workout_2 asweatlife_one heavy weight workout_1

Sprinter crunches: In a supine position, keep your hands behind your head. Sit up, pulling your left shoulder blade off of the floor first and bringing your left elbow to your right knee. Return to your starting position and repeat.

asweatlife_one heavy weight workout_7

asweatlife_one heavy weight workout_8

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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