Ten-Minute Meditations for Every Situation


We’re on a meditation kick over here at A Sweat Life, if you couldn’t tell by our weekly sessions this month. Incidentally, those of us doing the Whole Life Challenge are also adding meditation to our daily routine, and I completed my intro pack of the Head Space app right before that started. So without meaning to, I’ve been meditating almost every day for the past two weeks. Who am I?

I’ve found that the best way for me to be successful at meditating is by listening to ten minute guided meditations – no more, no less. Ten minutes is just enough for me to get in the zone and feel like I’m really reaping the benefits of meditation. On the other hand, it’s not so long that I’m intimidated or can talk myself out of it because I’m too busy.

Meditation isn’t one size fits all, and it doesn’t have to be the stereotypical experience that you might imagine in a darkened, candlelit room with incense burning. In fact, I’ve done almost all of my meditating on my lunch break, sitting on the Chicago River surrounded by tourists and Loop workers.

And if you’ve got ten minutes and the Internet, you can find a meditation to suit your exact mood at this moment. I did some of the leg work and found meditations for some common situations – morning, night, stress, good vibes – you name it.

For a Mindful Morning: Guided Morning Meditation

A soothing female voice gently reminds me that each day is a new beginning, and offers to help me set my intentions so I can begin my mornings focused, centered and empowered. I dreamily wonder, why have I started my day any other way in the past? Definitely worth waking up ten minutes earlier to enjoy this morning mantra.

For Sleep: Guided Meditation Sleep

Find yourself having racing thoughts at the end of the day, or picking up your phone every two minutes to jot down one more to-do item? (Guilty) Try tuning into this meditation instead, and see if you can actually fall asleep before the ten minutes are up.

For Beginners in Mindfulness: Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is “that moment when you are completely aware of the now.” It’s a lot harder than it sounds. Luckily, a ten minute practice is easy for anyone to fit in their schedule, and it’s the perfect bite-sized introduction to meditation that you can apply to other areas of your life. I found this one especially approachable as a beginning meditator (second only to the Headspace app’s ten day introduction to meditating).

For Easing Anxiety: 10 Minute Guided Meditation to Ease Anxiety, Worry, and Urgency

In this one, the speaker soothingly reminds you that you’re supported both literally (with what you’re sitting or laying on) and emotionally. If you’ve ever found yourself feeling like if you can’t get this one thing done, the world is going to end, this meditation is for you. (Because spoiler alert, that’s not how the world works)

For Positive Energy: 10 Minute Guided Meditation for Positive Energy

Good vibes only. Your mind will feel refreshed and rejuvenated as you exhale out all the negative energy from your life.

For Body Scan: 10 Minute Guided Body Scan Meditation

Body scan meditation is a specific form of mindfulness meditation. It’s especially helpful for working on concentration, or for becoming more familiar with your body and its sensations – so aspiring yogis, take note.

For at Work: Stress at Work Meditation

So I cheated a little. This one is only five minutes. Bonus? It’s completely possible to do this with your eyes open so you co-workers don’t look at you oddly.

For Self Love and Kindness: 10 Minute Guided Meditation on Unconditionally Loving You

Because sometimes you just need to celebrate YOU, girl!

For Boosted Energy: 10 Minute Guided Meditation to Boost Energy Level and Feel Great

Meditation doesn’t HAVE to lull you into a dreamlike, sleepy state. Try this out when you want to focus before a race or an event where you have to be “on.”


Which meditations are you looking forward to trying out? What meditations have you tried so far? Let us know in the comments!

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