Kick Boxing at L.A. Boxing

Class title: Kickboxing

Studio: L.A. Boxing, 3215 N. Broadway Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

Class Focus: Intense conditioning through boxing/kickboxing focused moves

Difficulty: 4. The class moves at a rapid pace, but if you can keep up with the coordination necessary to jump rope and get through the longer kicking/boxing series, then you can handle it.

Cost per class: There are only monthly memberships available. Depending on your contract (1-2 yr.) the price can vary, but it’s around $99/month

Money saving offers:

  • You can try one class for free here.

Who should take the class: Anyone who wants to burn off some calories and some aggression. This class is great for anyone who has ever taken a kickboxing class at a gym and wants to take it up a notch.

The Fab Fit take:

The gym itself has some weights and weightlifting equipment off to one side but the majority of the gym feels like a boxing gym. There’s a ring in the front, a large mat in the middle for MMA/Muay Thai/general rolling around on the mat and about 40 heavy bags over another mat for boxings and kicking.

The class starts and stays at a really fast pace.  The first 10-15 minutes were spent jumping rope, running and doing pushups all on the open mat. The entire warmup was intense and refreshing. I actually went out and bought a jump rope the next day. Jump roping in my living room, however, was not a welcome addition to the home. But that’s neither here nor there.

After the super-active warm-up, the instructor walked the class through proper form for kicks and punches. I’m used to being able hear everything the comes out of the instructor’s mouth, but they don’t wear mics, so I had a little trouble following directions, but not to a crippling level.

After that point the class moved to the heavy bags where we beat them senselessly. There were lengthy boxing and kickboxing series and at certain points I forgot the combination, so I just jabbed with the mantra, “get that mother f*&$er” on repeat in my head. It was a little unpleasant to knee and kick a heavy bag barefoot, but I feel like that tolerance grows with time.

The final 15 minutes were spent with a partner. I picked a guy that seemed a little timid about hitting a girl. As we worked on diminishing the impact of a kick by actually kicking and punching each other, he grew increasingly uncomfortable. So I started kicking him harder and he grew OK with kicking me back. After that point, we finished with a tough series of abs.


  • Try the free class – if you’re looking for a tough workout via classes the membership might be the right fit for you.

The verdict: I would go back if I could take this on a class-by-class basis.

Date/time taken: 9/8/2012

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