Four Health Trends To Stay On Top Of This Summer

Health trends come and go, and it’s hard to stay up to speed on what’s out there and what really works. This is a list of current trends with rave reviews.

Take Your Self-Care to the Next Level of Healing with Reiki

Reiki, commonly referred to as energy healing or balancing, is one way to introduce self-care into your regular restorative practices.

Will Preventative BOTOX in Your 20s and 30s Stop Aging?

Preventative BOTOX is more common than we might think. Is it worth it? Do your research to decide for yourself.

What To Know About Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal helps removes toxins from the body, but it has several other benefits, like for your skin and teeth, too.

Locker Room Etiquette Tips

While they may seem obvious, these locker room etiquette tips are easy to forget and we could all use a refresher.

Six Things To Do Every Day to Increase Your Happiness

While every day might not be your best day ever, try these six daily happiness boosters to add some pep back in your step when you’re feeling low.

Breathe Bar Brings Meditation and Mindfulness to the West Loop

We sat down with the founder of Breathe Bar about what led her to open a guided meditation space and where a stable meditation practice has led her.

What are the Benefits of Golden Milk?

This turmeric-infused drink is full of anti-inflammatory properties that this writer can vouch for. Read up on its other benefits & how to make it at home.

Why Does Weight Fluctuate Throughout the Day?

We know that a number on the scale is hardly an indicator of one’s physical fitness or health. But even so, how & why does that number change so frequently?

A Humbling Experience with Arm Balances and Inversions

One writer tried an arm balances workshop. It gave her the confidence to get up-side-down, but she’s still working on the practice. Here’s what she learned.

Embrace These 2017 Fitness Trends

Did you head into the New Year with a big fitness goal? These 2017 fitness trends might just be the thing that helps you get there.

When It Comes to Treadmill Intervals, Which Is Better, Speed or Incline?

Whether you’re a speed demon or prefer the 15% incline sections of your treadmill intervals, there’s benefits to incorporating both into your workout.


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