Why Wearing Lingerie Can Be Good for Your Mental Health

Like it or not, the clothes we choose say a lot about us. An outward display of one’s identity, our wardrobe can have an effect on our posture, body language, mood, and confidence ― whether anyone else can see it or not. 

Lingerie may be perceived by a majority as more of a treat for spectator than wearer ― but these days, more brands are expanding shapes and sizes, and in a variety of materials, aiming to appeal to anyone who desires to treat themselves. 

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Lingerie as self-care

“I think there’s a level of self-care and self-love that goes into buying nice underwear or lingerie ― especially when no one else might see because they are literally only doing it for themselves,” says licensed marriage and family therapist, Rachel Thomasian. “Anything we do to make ourselves feel taken care of or loved can be self-care. When we take the extra step of buying nicer underwear for example, wearing them can feel like we are taking care of ourselves in a way. Whether the undies are sexy or just an upgrade in quality and feel from what you’re used to, you’re giving yourself some love by buying and also putting them on.”

Consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale suggests the same, pointing to the concept of “enclothed cognition”. The term suggests the traits and feelings associated with certain clothing not only affects how others perceive you, but also how you perceive yourself and behave in different attire. “If you associate confidence, strength, attractiveness, or anything else with the specific lingerie, you will start feeling a bit more like that when you wear it,” Nightingale explains. “It’s not a magical pill, but you will certainly feel a bit more confident or sexy.”

Personally, some combination of “Act The Way You Want to Feel” and “Dress the Part” or “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” comes to mind. Getting dressed, and the outfit I choose, tend to inform the type of day I’m going to have, intentional or not. As someone who works from home, it can be tempting to fall into a rotation of the same athleisure and sweats day by day, week by week. It’s a time saver, reduces decision fatigue, and leaves more time and energy to devote to everything else. Plus, a lot of days, I’m not seeing anyone outside of my husband and my daughter, so what’s it matter?

Wear lingerie for a mood most

And yet, it does. And it starts with my undergarments. National Lingerie Day, celebrated every year on April 25, presents the perfect opportunity to embrace the idea of improved mood and increased confidence thanks to inanimate objects. Even on a budget, it’s fun to choose sets in bright colors or sexy styles and affirm your self-worth ― whether you choose to share it with anyone else or not. 

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