3 Questions We Wish Celebs Got Asked on the Red Carpet

Awards season is upon us yet again, which gives us red carpet interviews with our fave celebs to look forward to. But oftentimes, these interviews can feel repetitive, redundant, and a bit impersonal. Like how are you, really? What’s truly going on in your life? Give us the tea, celebrities! What are some questions we wish interviewees would actually ask to help facilitate these conversations? We have a few fun ideas, which we’re sharing below!

Red carpet questions we wish celebs got asked

What did you want to be growing up?

When we’re feeling a bit lost and confused as adults, we’re often told to revisit the interests, hobbies, and aspirations we had as a kid growing up. This helps us tune back into our true, authentic self, before we let the weight of the world shift and influence this. Helping understand what celebrities strived to do and pursue before they found fame can help us better relate to and better understand them as people first. It broadens our understanding of who they are outside of the picture the media paints of them. 

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

For me, I’d say either a Golden Retriever or a Siberian Huskey. Why? Because I’m fiercely loyal, protective, and down for adventure. I always associate huskies with being a bit mysterious (maybe it’s their beautiful colored eyes!) and having a love of being active. Dogs are smart, relatable, and share a lot of human-like qualities and traits. Defining which breed of a “man’s best friend” a particular star relates to can help fellow pet owners all around better understand a celebrities’s core qualities and values. 

What was the best part of your day?

It’s easy to focus on the bigger picture, the month, year, or latest accomplishment. We need to get back to finding joy in the day at hand, to romanticizing the day. Maybe you had the day from hell but you got your favorite smoothie and that one, seemingly trivial transaction brought you five minutes of joy. That’s all that matters. Taking a second to find gratitude and appreciation for one thing that went well as opposed to fixating on everything that went wrong can be a transformative mindset shift. This helps you understand what truly lights people up and what they value at their core. 

What do you all say? Is it time for E! to grant me my five minutes of fame and pass me the mic? Look out awards season 2023! And make sure to comment below with the questions you’d ask a celeb on the red carpet if you got the chance!

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