[Giveaway Closed] Why What You Wear to Bed Makes a Huge Difference for Your Sleep

One of the most comforting shows that’s ever been on TV is New Girl. One of the defining traits of the central character, Jessica Day, is that she wears at least one pajama set per episode. 

I never fully understood the joy of pajamas until the pandemic when changing from my day-time outfit – aka workout clothes – into pajamas truly marked the post-dinner wind-down. Pajamas meant I was entering the slow crawl into bedtime over a good book or with some comfort TV like The Great British Bake Off.

Here’s the problem I found when I tried to rock the cute pajama sets that Jess wears on New Girl (often in a polka dot pattern): I run hot and often find myself shedding layers in the middle of the night. Not ideal for someone who already has trouble staying asleep. 

And until I tried Cozy Earth Pajamas, I thought all pajamas were created equally. But after a friend gifted me a PJ set made of bamboo fabric, which sleeps degrees cooler than cotton, I realized what I’d been missing. I can only explain the feeling of putting these on as slipping on a cool breeze – or loungewear that had been lightly refrigerated. 

We’ve covered sleep at great length over the past few years – because all of the *uncertain times* have given plenty of humans a hard time hitting the pillow and finding sleep. Sleeping in a room around 65 degrees and allowing your body to stay cool is one of the most important factors for falling and staying asleep. 

So, the right sleepwear can make a huge difference in your sleep quality. That’s why you’ll find Cozy Earth Pajamas in looser fitting styles, which help you sleep better. It’s science. Researchers at Nara Women’s University in Japan found that skin pressure from clothing could markedly suppress the nocturnal elevation of salivary melatonin and could raise body temperature. 

So these bamboo pajamas are the perfect fit for good sleep and help your body stay at the optimum temperature, bamboo is also a much more sustainable fabric for the environment. According to Research at Manipal University Jaipur, it requires less energy to nurture, restrains soil erosion, supplies biofuel, extends wildlife refuge, and manufactures a wholesome food source for both humans and wildlife.

And bamboo is a fast-growing crop that doesn’t require pesticides and it self-regenerates from its own roots. Stays cool, and better for the planet: Win-Win.

That’s why when 100 of the aSweatLife Ambassadors had the chance to get a PJ set in partnership from our friends at Cozy Earth, they sprinted to raise their hands. These sets have more than 2,500 verified reviews, and almost a perfect 5-star rating. 

Want to win a set of your own?

Enter for a chance to win one of three prizes: two (2) winners will take home a set of cozy earth pajamas and one winner will get the ultra luxurious bamboo sheet set from Cozy Earth. Giveaway closes 10/7.

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  1. This would be an exciting prize to win. Cozy season is here and I love to bundle up while watching movies.

  2. I have heard so much about bamboo product but haven’t tried any yet. The sheets sound great since I sleep hot! The pj’s sounds great to lounge around in before bed! Awesome giveaway!!!

  3. I just find the most comfortable clothing I own to sleep in cuz i often feel constricted and uncomfortable when I sleep. I love to buy new jammies every so often. My only downfall of all this is I tend to stay in those jammies all day if I don’t have to go anywhere but often times more times than not I will go out in public and even into the stores in those jammies. I seriously do not care what others may think or say so long as I am comfortable.

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