6 Ways to Embrace Your Individuality

As a 20-something woman, I’ve had my challenges when working to best embrace my individuality. I’ve had several friend groups over the years and at times, I’ve found it difficult to maintain a balance of fitting in with the group or being true to myself. There are so many choices to make from the products we use, to the places we shop, to the way we style our hair, to the interests we have, to the clothes we wear. This list is never-ending. 

To me, the best way to embrace your individuality is to find what you like and what feels right for you and combine that with what you like to experiment with and switch up. A couple examples for me include a middle hair part, pearl earrings, and an outfit for any theme. These are the Kensli brand staples that I rarely stray from!

In contrast, my actual hair style will change each month, my overall aesthetic changes on a daily basis, and my beauty products and nail color change whenever I can get my hands on something new. Each and every one of us is different. Many successful people claim the key to their success was their ability to embrace their individuality.

Now if you’re looking to feel more comfortable and confident and determine what separates you from everyone else, here are some things to try!

Try everything once and then try it again

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. This is sound advice for nearly every aspect in your life especially if what you’re trying will help you to embrace your true self. You are the only you, and what’s meant for you will happen when you continue to embrace your authentic self. 

Lock in what you’re good at

After you’ve tried all the things that interest you, determine what fits you best and what you’re good at. Lock these things in. Maybe it’s your quirky personality or your ability to command a room—lean into these things. Whether these traits are inherent or you’ve worked to develop them and grow them, they’re still very much a part of what makes you unique. 

Stop believing all the wrong things matter

Don’t fall victim to honing in and developing skills that society or your environment leads you to believe are valuable. The accolades don’t matter if you don’t get personal joy from them. Finding the path that leads you to joy is the right thing for you. Start from your future self and work your way backwards. What is it that you’d want to be doing in life, and what are the steps you need to take to get there?

Instead, believe that “yes, you can” 

Commit this mantra to your brain—write it down if you have to. Reflect on this idea and use the concept as an affirmation. Worried you can’t pull something off? Yes, you can. Concerned you can’t turn an idea into fruition? Yes, you can. Make a habit of this unwavering belief in yourself. Having this confidence will lead to a more stress-free and fun life. 

Trust yourself 

You are likely going to fail and have missteps along the way to embracing your true self. These should be welcomed and used as learning experiences along the way. As long as you trust yourself you will always be headed in the right direction. 

Release your inhibitions 

how to embrace your individuality

No one else can help you embrace your individuality. Only you can release the concerns, fears, and self-judgment you may have. Say what you’re feeling and what’s on your mind. Know that even if no one else agrees or can relate, your thoughts are meant to be shared. Share your journey and experiences with others. Once you’re willing to look odd or be different, you’ve embraced your individuality—and you just might be ready to help others embrace their individuality, too.

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About Kensli Diggs

Kensli Diggs is a mom of 2, raised on the southside of Chicago. She has an MBA in Hospitality with years of experience in the industry from working in casinos, to operations in hospitality interior design, to events. Some of her favorite things include cold pressed juice, journaling, and completely changing up her look every month or so. Yoga is her preferred form of fitness and she’s recently incorporated sound baths into her meditation practice. She is most passionate about reducing food waste, building friendships, and learning new things. When she’s not working out or mom-ing, you can find her listening to a good audiobook.