Here’s Why You Should Bring Back Journaling

While journaling might have been something you did as a child growing up, it’s actually a great habit to have as an adult to promote self-healing and reflection, and to keep stress at bay. Journaling helps you channel your thoughts and energy into writing, and it allows you to express yourself in a private, personal way. Especially during times of chaos and uncertainty (like, ahem, right now), you might benefit from making journaling a regular part of your day. 

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But if you’re unsure how to start a journal or how to journal in general, here are some reasons why you should give it a shot and some tips for doing so.

Journaling improves wellbeing and fights stress

Journaling lets you express yourself, and the act of writing can make you feel more gratitude in your life, appreciating the little and large things. And it’s a calming activity, which can lower anxiety and stress too. In fact, according to research, journaling can enhance mental happiness and wellbeing, while alleviating stress in those with high anxiety. 

So, taking a few moments to jot down your thoughts or freestyle in free-flow writing can help you feel happy and more self-love. And that relaxing habit can in turn act as a pause in the day where you can be alone with your thoughts and mind—feeling at peace with yourself and in your surroundings. 

Journaling creates a routine

Having a regular routine and habit can create more order in life and make you feel more at ease and content. So, this positive habit can be part of that—an action you do where you start to write in a journal each day for a few moments at a set time in the day. 

Let’s say 10 minutes: maybe you write in the morning upon waking and set intentions for the day and week. Or maybe at night in bed before going to sleep, you write down three things you felt thankful for that day or what made you happy. These are just examples but feel free to use your imagination! 

Journaling helps you be creative

Journaling is a form of creative writing, so it lets your mind go into imagination zone outside of work. And in turn, channeling that creative energy can actually help you with your work, as it lets you think outside the box. So, think of journaling as an art. When you start to learn how to journal, think about how to express yourself and all the creative, fun ways you can do so! 

With some practice and dedication, you will get into the habit of journaling and it will be something you look forward to each day. It’s a moment to be alone with your own thoughts and to focus on yourself—nothing else. And it’s a great re-set for the mind. You will see the positive perks in no time! 

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