Danica Patrick Shares Her Stress-Relieving Routine

As a racecar driver-turned-entrepreneur, Danica Patrick is no stranger to high-pressure situations. Now, the barrier-breaking athlete is ready to chill, quite literally: Earlier this week, she announced that her latest business venture was an investment in Beam, a Boston-based CBD company founded by two former pro athletes.

Patrick has always prioritized health and wellness, so the partnership with Beam was a no-brainer. “I’m all about taking care of myself, and even more so all about products that actually work,” she tells aSweatLife.

Not only is Patrick investing in the company, she’ll also serve as a brand ambassador. “I believe in the product and how effective it is,” she says. 

Patrick’s new career move comes at the perfect time. So many of us are experiencing a spike in anxiety in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and CBD has exploded over the last couple of years as one of the most popular stress relievers

So how is Patrick dealing with stress these days? We chatted with her over Zoom to find out. 

How she soothes her body and mind

One of Patrick’s fave Beam products: The Fixer, a CBD and lavender oil salve that soothes sore muscles. “Since I’m very into fitness, I get sore regularly, and this is good for that,” she says. Patrick is also a fan of two CBD powders in the line: Clarity and Dream. She uses Clarity in the morning, sprinkling it into chia pudding or oatmeal to give her a boost of energy. It’s full of adaptogens including lion’s mane, rhodiola, and ashwagandha. At night, Patrick adds Dream, which contains melatonin and magnesium, to hot water to help her sleep. 

Her calming Sunday morning routine

Patrick, host of the Pretty Intense podcast, loves high-intensity workouts, but she knows how to balance those with calming exercises. “I’ve started doing Sunday morning meditations with a woman I know in LA who leads meditations circles, of course when we’re not all locked down,” says Patrick. “I’ll meditate and then chat with her after.” Patrick has also stepped up her yoga game, documenting some of her favorite poses on her Instagram account. 

The TV show she can’t get enough of 

Being stuck indoors for most of the day means we’re all spending more time in front of our many screens, and the right TV show can certainly take your mind off current events.

“I usually don’t watch a lot of TV, but I’ve been watching more lately,” says Patrick. Like most of us, Patrick recently binge-watched a very popular Netflix series. “I of course just watched Tiger King,” she says.  

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