The 2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

We couldn’t be more excited about relaxing with holiday cookies and hot cocoa by the fire, but the holiday season also means a big chance to show your friends and loved ones how much you care with the perfect, thoughtful gift. Gulp.

We scoured our favorite stores, web sites and brands for a list of gifts that will make your loved ones’ heart go pitter patter – and maybe even get a littler healthier in the process. And who are we kidding, you can just email this list to your aunt Sue in Colorado and tell her to “go nuts,” if you love all of it.

This year’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide offers inspiration to inspire to fuel your lifestyle – body, brain, outside of the gym and with the gear to make living a healthy lifestyle easier..

And if you’re paying attention, you’ll see the items on our Instagram as we give away many of these healthy holiday gifts between now and the end of the year.

2017 healthy gift guide

For your body

8. Misfit Phase watch ($149.99)

This Hybrid Smartwatch isn’t just stylish, it tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep. It allows you to wirelessly play music, control your smart home devices – even take a selfie. With interchangeable bands, you can match your timepiece with any look and feel ready to take on whatever your day has in store for you. The Misfit Shine 2 is a more affordable fitness and sleep tracker ($79.99) does almost everything except for tell time. Its interface is both super sleek and easy to navigate. At that affordable price, it’s still built to swim and gives you alerts for calls and texts, movement reminders and alarms.

Who’s it for? A fitness fanatic who isn’t tracking yet, the loved one who insists on being stylish ALWAYS or someone who is just getting into their fitness routine.

6. The Hyperice Vyper ($199) and 13. Hyperice Hypersphere ($149)

With three varying intensities of vibration, these unique mobility devices are geared to target muscles and effectively release tension, improve recovery and help you feel better, no matter what type of workouts you like to do. Be sure to use the code “ASWEATLIFE25” at checkout for 25% off your order and you’ll be happily rolling in no time.

Who’s it for? The athlete that wants to invest (or have someone else invest) in their mobility routine this year.

3. TIEM cycling shoes ($125)

No longer must you walk around tap dancing in your cycling cleats to and from your favorite cycling class, the bar has been raised. This shoe has a breathable mesh toe box, slip-on construction and a single-strap closure system, so you’ll be riding in style, comfort and ease. And the recessed cleat is designed to make it much easier to walk around after class. TIEM shoes are compatible with an SPD cycling cleat, which can be purchased separately here.

Who’s it for? The cycling fanatic who’s always right on time for class – save them the hassle of changing shoes.

1. The Reebok Studio favorites bomber jacket ($90) and 2. shimmery deep red High rise leggings ($55) Sports bra ($35)

We’re loving the earth tones in Reebok’s collaboration with FACE Stockholm. These pieces are perfect for a sweaty workout or a casual night out. And the bomber jacket is both warm and the perfect way to strut from studio to street in style.

Who’s it for? The stylish yogi in your circle anyone who looks good in a bomber jacket (read: everyone).

15. Mobot water bottle (starts at $39)

Drink water. Feel better. Those are the foundations of Mobot, the company that brings you a mobility tool and water bottle all in one. Because water helps make muscle tissue resilient and pliable, all the awesome benefits of foam rolling are multiplied when you’re well hydrated – and it’s that simple. This handy device comes in all sorts of colors and designs, with three sizes to choose from based on your hydration needs.

Who’s it for? The friend who is full of should. “I should drink more water.” “I should start to foam roll.” Excuses eliminated.

16. YogaClub box subscription (subscription prices start at $45 per month) 

It’s like stitch fix, for yoga. With YogaClub, subscribers receive one box each month with various pieces of yoga attire, packed with brands you’ll recognize at up to 60 percent off the retail price. Go through a style selection process before ordering your first box to tailor the box to fit your wishes. And with every box purchased, the company donates a yoga and mediation class for elementary school kids in after school programs in Los Angeles.

Who’s it for? Your friend who can’t be instagram’ed in the same spandex twice.

For your brain

11. Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat a book by Flywheel’s CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan ($15.94)

Flywheel CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan discovered her inner-badass to help her achieve big goals in her impressive career that led her to brands like Virgin, Nike, Equinox and FlyWheel where she was named CEO this year. She wanted to provide people of all ages with the tools and support to do that too, so she wrote a book about it. Prepare to be inspired and finish the book with a roadmap how to make the most of your unique talents.

Who’s it for? Your friend who keeps talking about taking a job at that startup.

17. The Happiness Planner ($54) 

Happiness doesn’t just happen. It takes careful cultivation and it’s this planner’s aim to embrace the habits that science says make you happy. The power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude and self-development are all enforced in one place to help you shift your focus and perspective to see the beauty in your everyday life. The 2018 planner will give you the tools to start these habits to go right along with your New Year’s Resolutions.

Who’s it for? Anyone who’s mentioned that they’re thinking about starting a mindfulness practice.

12. Vital Proteins collagen creamer ($29)

Vital Proteins’ recent launch of its collagen coffee creamers (in vanilla, coconut and gingerbread flavors) calls for an all-out celebration. Two scoops of the creamer contains 10 grams of protein and all the benefits of the brand’s collagen peptides, helping promote gut health, joint health, bone strength, increased athletic performance and glowing skin (just to name a few of the stand-outs).

Who’s it for? The reluctant and caffeine-fueled morning person.

For life outside the gym

10. Reebok Freestyle Hi Metallic Classics ($85)

If there’s one item you need to add to your wardrobe immediately, it’s a pair of statement lifestyle shoes. We can safely say these fresh kicks will spice up your fall wardrobe of neutrals, blacks and whites. Catch us shining these Reebok Classics.

Who’s it for? Your friend who recently invested in breakdancing classes.

14. Natura Culina’s Cayenne Aid ($14)

Cayenne pepper is known for its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying benefits, but this topical aid blends it with Arnica, Menthol, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. This topical treatment can be used in treatment of migraines, headaches, tendinitis, muscle soreness, joint pain, bruising and neck tension.

Who’s it for? The person who is into using food to feel better.

7. The Beachwaver ($129)

If you wonder how anyone ever goes from gym to work with flawless hair, it may be because they have perfect genes – or they already own a Beachwaver. This ceramic, rotating curling iron creates the curls you’ve seen walking down the Victoria Secret runway. Bring it with you in your gym bag, throw in some dry shampoo and curl away. Your only real risk is having to explain it to everyone who watches its alchemy.

Who’s it for? The friend who spends her life savings on blowouts.

To make #LivingaSweatLife easier

5. Instant Pot ($119.95) 

We didn’t think life could get much easier than the crockpot, but then we met the Instant Pot. Use it like you would with any crockpot recipes, but expect your meal to be ready 2-6 times faster than your crockpot recipe calls for.

Who’s it for? The friend wants crock-pot flavor, but hates to plan ahead.

4. Bose SoundSport wireless headphones ($149.95)

The search for the perfect in-ear headphone can feel dating. The one that’s so cute, but doesn’t work. The one you were into because it was an airport and it was your very best option. When you find THE ONE, you never let go – and definitely never let them get ruined in the wash. These Bose SoundSport wireless headphones are Jeana’s THE ONE. These in-ear headphones have uniquely shaped earpieces that seal into your ear. That translates to improved audio quality and they don’t slip out while you run. Their built to keep moisture out, so they’ll survive your ugliest sweat session.

Who’s it for? The half-marathoner who is really into podcasts right now.

9. Tovala Oven (starting at $199)

This is a Chicago company that was incubated by Y Combinator and is one to watch. Their primary product is the Tovala oven and its accompanying meals. The Tovala oven is a quick-cook oven system that uses steam, convection baking and broiling capabilities, to cook meals perfectly really quickly. The best part: this counter top oven has a meal delivery plan to accompany it and the oven knows exactly how to cook those meals. With a built-in barcode scanner, the oven reads a barcode on each meal to cook each perfectly with a unique combo of steam, convection and broiling. Meals are available with two delivery plan options three single-serving meals a week for $36 or three double-serving meals for $72 weekly.

Who’s it for? The person who had a home-chef delivery subscription and let it go to waste every time.



From the entire aSweatLife family, we’re wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season and we hope these gifts help you spread the love.