Five Motivation Hacks To Be The Best You Every Day

Whether it is in relationships, an exercise routine or quality of work, it is common and easy to fall into a rut and feel like you can’t give it your all. Admittedly, it is pretty exhausting to try to give all aspects of your life 100% effort – I know I don’t – but how do you find the motivation to at least try? Everyone is different, but below are five motivation hacks from books, people and experiences that keep me motivated to continuously better myself.

View wellness as self care

For a long time “being healthy” for me was defined by a number on the scale and the smallest pant size. Though maybe exercising on a regular basis and eating lots of fruits and vegetables is technically healthy, the way I viewed my body and why I exercised was not. Going to the gym was a chore to burn calories instead of something I actually enjoyed. When my mindset transitioned to viewing exercise as part of a well-rounded wellness effort to be strong and fit, I felt a lot more motivated to get to the gym because I wanted to and not just to be skinny. Plus getting sleep really is important, and sometimes giving yourself a break is just the ticket your body needs to have a killer workout the next day.

Widen your network

You’ve heard it here at aSweatLife before: Everything is better with friends. And that includes self-improvement. Simply being around successful people for a short period of time over a weekend or once a month gives me the motivation to work hard. Their success may be in fitness, business or in finding themselves, but no matter the topic I feel like I can always pull little nuggets of knowledge from the short conversations we have. Put yourself in situations with inspirational people, and you’ll find yourself raising your own expectations.

And to find that motivation no further than right here at aSweatLife, join the team on for #SweatToInspire on July 25, a short, motivational speech from three speakers followed by two killer workouts.

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Chart your goals

I need a visual to-do list to get things done. If I print out a half marathon training plan I will follow it to a T. If I just have a general idea of how much I should be running, I’ll let it slide. Find a good way to map out your goals – whether that’s a simple to-do list or a more advanced vision board – and you’ll be amazed how much you get done for the satisfaction of crossing off a task from your list.

If you need some #goals #inspo, there’s a podcast dedicated to understanding how people set and go about attaining their goals right here.

Create check-ins

It is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle and let your goals fall to the wayside. I know, I’ve done it plenty of times. By creating check-ins you can hold yourself accountable, and also make time to congratulate yourself. If every third Wednesday of the month you check your expenses and you happen to be staying way under budget (seriously, congrats) then you can treat yo’self to drinks with friends. Or if you check in on your mile pace, weights lifted or simply how you feel at the end of a workout class, making time to reflect on your accomplishments will motivate you to either try harder or keep up the good work.


There are so many amazing books out there that literally tell you how to be the best version of yourself. It may seem silly and even corny, but they may draw something out of you that you wouldn’t have realized otherwise. One of my favorite reads, “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”, is funny, inspirational and also practical. And really, who doesn’t want to be considered a badass?

And sometimes, just getting out of your head and into a book is the best therapy. These are just a few aSweatLife recommendations worthy of diving in nose deep.

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