Meet the 2017 aSweatLife Ambassadors


We’ve met a lot of people since starting aSweatLife four and a half years ago and even more as a part of #Sweatworking, which we’ve hosted for three years faithfully. #Sweatworking events are a super low-pressure environment for new people to come in for the first time, experience something new and meet new people in the process.

And while we love a challenging workout, something else altogether makes our community special, and keeps it worthy of returning back for sweat after sweat. We’ve all experienced this feeling of camaraderie, acceptance and genuine openness among our fellow #Sweatworking attendees, but if we had to put a finger on just what it is that makes each individual special that becomes part of the aSweatLife fold, it has to be the common value everyone seems to hold: that fitness is the catalyst to you living your best life.

Every person we encounter who shows up for a hard workout, who finishes that last rep smiling and who stays for the group photo after is there to create the best version of themselves that day. And they know that when they invest the time and focus during that hour on themselves, it translates to everything that happens outside of the workout.

“How can aSweatLife encourage this mentality and support our community that already believes it?” we asked ourselves.

And our answer? The aSweatLife Ambassadorship. We created this ambassadorship not only to celebrate our community, but to lift them up and give them the tools to live their best lives in and out of the gym.


The 2017 aSweatLife Ambassadors

Without explaining much more than the idea that we’d be taking on Ambassadors for the next year, we released an application in October. In it, we asked you hard questions that took time and a lot of thought to answer. We received such overwhelmingly positive responses, we took an extra week to read them all. And while we firmly believe “the more the merrier,” in order to ensure that every person in 2017’s aSweatLife Ambassadorship got the full experience, we made the group the size of a group fitness class or smaller. You can read all about this year’s aSweatLife Ambassadors here.

The 2017 aSweatLife Ambassadorship

Starting in January, we’ll take the group of Ambassadors on a journey over the course of the entire year, facilitating workshops and pairing them with workouts almost every month. We’ll provide workshops on setting goals, exploring new kinds of creativity, de-cluttering your life, learning applicable meal prep tips … just to name a few of the events. And we’re working with some of the most inspirational people we know to focus this year on making it their – and our – best year yet.

What you get out of the aSweatLife Ambassadorship

We want to share everything we do in person with our Ambassadors with you as well. When we set our goals for the year, we’ll take what we learn and share it with Readers. Join us in making 2017 the year of you, in taking your own personal growth and betterment as seriously as you take any other goal in your life and in exploring your potential when you put your mind to it.

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About Maggie Umberger

Maggie moved to Chicago from North Carolina in 2014 with a degree in Journalism and Spanish, a 200-hour yoga certification, a group fitness cert and a passion to teach and to sweat. It wasn't until she found aSweatLife that she really started to feel at home. Here, she's incorporated her passion for health and wellness into her career as she helps to build the network of Ambassadors, trainers and fitness enthusiasts that exist within the aSweatLife ecosystem. You can also find her coaching at CrossTown Fitness and teaching yoga classes at Bare Feet Power Yoga, Yoga Six and exhale.