The Science Behind Sweat (And Why We Smell)

Sweat happens all day every day. From working out to being nervous to overheating, it’s how we cool off. But there’s more to the science behind sweat.

Your Standing Desk Failed to Fix Your Low Back Pain – Now What?

When chronic low back pain is a continuous problem for you, these are three valuable tips to keep in mind.

Four Tips to Control Politics-Induced Stress and Conflicts

Our current political climate is one of unprecedented divisiveness. Take care of you & your relationships with stress relief & conflict resolution tactics.

Cultivating Self-Reliance for and Through Fitness

Self-reliance: An often-overlooked key to achieving your fitness goals. We broke down the relationship between self-reliance and personal fitness.

The Surprising Cause of Muscle Cramps — It’s Not Dehydration

Muscle cramps might be from excessive firing of motor neurons, not dehydration, and the proposed fix is a simple beverage shot that stimulates receptors.

Can you get too much exercise?

You know the recommendation of the minimum amount of exercise you should get, but can you get too much exercise? We looked for answers.

How to Win Friends and Influence People: What I learned from the grandfather of all self-help books

We’re breaking down How to Win Friends and Influence People, the most popular self-help book on the planet and it’s absolutely worth the read.

9 Body Language Blunders You Don’t Know You Make

Your body language may feel like a secondary form of communication, but it’s actually the main way humans communicate. Don’t make these 9 mistakes.

Practice Safe Sun: 7 Best Practices for Protecting Your Skin

Protecting your skin is much more important than your golden bronze. Read this skin protection guide before you head outdoors for the summer.

Two common diet myths, debunked

These diet myths you’ve likely adhered to your whole life are wrong. Here are new ways to look at how you look at eating.

Be Mindful — Because It’s Good for You, and It’s Trendy

Being mindful is better for you in ways that impact more than just your brain. Here’s why some major companies are pushing mindfulness.

The Power of Snacking

Snacking is not the root of all evil, in fact it can be truly great for your appetite and diet if you do it the right way.


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