How to Maintain Boundaries While Working from Home

Working remotely while social distancing? Here’s how to ensure you build boundaries to protect your work/life balance.

How to Support Local Businesses While Social Distancing

Not sure how to help local businesses through COVID-19? Here’s how to support your favorite fitness studios and trainers, restaurants, and other businesses while staying at home.

What To Do When You Get Negative Feedback At Work

This 4-step approach will ensure a thoughtful response that helps, instead of hurts, your career.

How to Work Out at Home for Free While You’re Social Distancing

We compiled a roundup of free at-home workout classes so you can keep your exercise routine in check without leaving your house.

How To Clean AirPods, Gym Bags, and Other Workout Gear

When you’re getting sweaty in the gym, your workout gear is getting gross too. Before you jump to “ew!” let us teach you how to properly care for your fitness must-haves.

How to Choose a Journaling Style Based on Your Personality

Dear diary…

Tips for First-Time Managers from Women Who Have Been There Before

You might excel at your job, but being a good manager requires a different skill set.

Fitness Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

These are our picks for best fitness gear to purchase during the #nsale.

Why I Went Back to Therapy (And 4 Other Questions I Get Asked Frequently)

After returning to therapy, one writer is pledging to be more open about her mental health. These are five questions she gets asked frequently.

How to Stay Healthy During Business Travel

Business travel isn’t all glamorous—stay healthy on the road with these four tips.

How to Monitor Your “Energy Bank”

Monitoring your personal store of energy helps make the most of your time, and keeps you feeling balanced and productive. Here’s how to maximize your energy bank.

How to Take Control of Your Email, Once and For All

Even if you don’t achieve inbox zero, there are ways to manage your email so it doesn’t take over your life.


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