How Thin Privilege and Fat Phobia Uphold White Supremacy

Kim Rose, a Diabetes Educator and inclusive Dietitian, answers our questions about implicit bias in healthcare.

Cassey Ho on How to Love Your Body—For Real

“With all the clutter we’re exposed to, I think people should realize that your fitness journey is your own,” she tells us.

Putting the Fun Back into Fitness with Propel Co:Labs

At Propel Co:Labs in LA, fun, inclusive fitness was emphasized over burning a million calories or bodies that look a certain way.

What You Need to Know About Celery Juice

You’re seeing celery juice *everywhere* right now, and it’s selling out in grocery stores—but is there any scientific evidence behind all of the supposed benefits of celery juice?

Establishing One Good Habit for the New Year

This year, challenge yourself to focus on building one good habit as your New Year’s resolution. Here’s how to do it (and why it works).

Dealing With Holiday Food Anxiety

Here’s how to lessen holiday food anxiety through the intuitive eating mindset.

Privilege in Wellness — And How It’s Reflected in Social Media

One writer’s thoughts on how wellness and privilege interact, in real life and on social media.

5 Healthy Habits for a Satisfying Thanksgiving Dinner

Avoid overindulging and feeling less than your best on Thanksgiving this year by putting these healthy habits in place

My Mysterious Postpartum Symptoms — And What I Learned About Listening To My Gut

“It wasn’t until a few months had passed… that I began to question if the weight I was gaining, losing, and gaining wasn’t actually the result of breastfeeding and normal postpartum hormone changes, but something else.”

What You Need to Know About the Clean Wine Movement

Do you know what’s in your wine? Turns out, it’s more than just unfermented grapes — and the extra ingredients may shock you.

Why (and How) to do a Weekly Social Media Detox

The social media habit is really hard to break — so why not try a social media detox for a day or two? Here’s what we learned from deleting our apps.

Keto versus Macro Cycling: What They Are, and Which One is Right for You

Intimidated by the intense structure of a ketogenic diet? Macro cycling might be the solution.


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