30 Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Santa is making his list and checking it twice, which means you’re probably doing the same thing. All your gifts may be purchased, perfectly wrapped, and nestled under the tree — but what about the stocking stuffers?

Easily forgotten and often overlooked, stocking stuffers are a fun part of the holiday celebrations. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas for adults or stocking stuffer ideas for her, here are some of the best stocking stuffers ever.

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Stocking stuffer ideas for adults

1. Digital photo frames

If your family and friends have trouble updating their photo frames often, then make it easy for them with one of the best stocking stuffers: Aura Digital Frames. These beloved digital photo frames allow you to relive all of your memories with ease. They even come in a variety of colors making it a great stocking stuffer idea for adults in your life.

2. Superfood honey products

Some of my all time favorite products are from Beekeeper’s Naturals. From the 3-in-1 gut health supplement to the propolis throat spray to the superfood honey, Beekeeper’s Naturals products are so buzz-worthy, you’ll want to stock them in all of your stockings this holiday season.

3. Personal growth card game

Many of us strive to be better than yesterday, so what better way to do that than with a game that also doubles as one of the best stocking stuffers ideas for adults? Enter Better Than Yesterday, “What Do You Meme’s” newest game aimed at helping users achieve new levels of personal growth. 

It’s super simple to play. Users take a card out each day and complete a new task to spread positivity and try new things. After one week, one month, and one year, you can look back and see how much you’ve grown! If you have someone on your shopping list who’s interested in challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zone, then this is the stocking stuffer for them.

4. Sustainable sneakers

One of the best stocking stuffer ideas for adults is, well, shoes. Wait, is it weird to stuff shoes in an oversized stocking? I don’t think so. Anyways, if you need some footwear recommendations, try BLUEVIEW, the world’s first biodegradable sneaker.

Made with bio-based materials, including innovative Soleic® and PlantKnitTM, to create a sustainable, yet durable sneaker, BLUEVIEW’s footwear features next-level comfort, high-quality craftsmanship, best-in-class design, and environmentally friendly materials. 

Plus, these shoes are both stylish and versatile. Each pair comes with a removable organic cotton strap and can be worn as a loafer or slip-on. Talk about perfect stocking stuffer ideas for her or him!

5. Cooktop + bowl

So in full transparency, this is one of those gifts you may want to print out a picture of and place in your stockings — but seriously, if you have a new grad, student, or urban dweller family member in your life, they’re going to want the Bonbowl.

Launched in the midst of the pandemic, Bonbowl helps simplify cooking for one via a mix of patent-pending hardware, brushed stainless steel, and heat-hardened tempered glass, all of which is free of BPA and PFOA coatings.

No dishes, no meal prep, no problems. Simply select your desired temperature, place the ingredients in the Bonbowl, and enjoy! Come to think of it, you may actually want this in your own stocking. I’m just saying…

6. Broccoli sprout powder

Shopping for a health and wellness guru in your life? Fill their stocking with BROC SHOT, a revolutionary line of daily broccoli sprout powder shots utilizing the planet’s most powerful antioxidant, sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane is clinically demonstrated to normalize intestinal flora by acting as a prebiotic to feed the good bacteria in the gut and repair and protect the gut barrier from oxidative stress, ultimately contributing to the improvement of bowel regularity. Translation? This product helps you poop — and couldn’t our digestive tracts all use some extra TLC during the holiday season? (The answer is yes.)

7. Insulated drinkware

It’s probably time we all update our reusable beverage carriers, insulated drinkware, and water bottles. Am I right, or am I right? This holiday season, fill stockings with BrüMate products, functional drinkware made for any and all adventures.

This insulated drinkware is perfect for any beverage and comes in a variety of colors, designs, and styles that are super chic. I mean, seriously, look at this. It’s a thing of beauty!

8. Electrolyte mix gift set

While you’re filling stockings with beverage carriers, why not include something loved ones can add to their daily sips of water? We all think hydration will be oh-so-easy, yet it’s usually way harder than we imagine. That’s where Cure comes in.

Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Mix Gift Set includes three servings of the brand’s best-selling flavors: Berry Pomegranate, Lime, Orange, and Watermelon electrolytes. If you’ve been keeping up with your aSweatLife reading, then you know how important these little guys are throughout the day, especially after exercise or post-hangover. (Hey, there are just some things food alone can’t do).

Cure contains only clean, simple, whole foods ingredients, including coconut water, Himalayan sea salt, and lemon juice, with none of the added sugar or artificial ingredients found on most electrolyte drink labels.

Based on the World Health Organization standard for an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), Cure’s scientifically balanced formula provides the perfect ratio of glucose and electrolytes to deliver water and other key nutrients directly to the bloodstream. Their powders will rehydrate you as effectively as an IV. Hook me up!

9. Mouth tape strips

If you know or live with a snorer, then you may want to subtly stock their stocking with Dryft Sleep products. Gentle mouth taping is a way to promote nasal breathing for better sleep — and I think it’s safe to say your loved one (and you) need some better sleep, especially during the busy holiday season.

10. Wine

Ummm, I think I speak for almost all of us when I say this, but who doesn’t want to find a bottle of wine in their stocking? (The answer is no one, no one would be disappointed to find a bottle of wine in their stocking.) This is why one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for adults is FitVine Wine

FitVine offers red, white, and sparkling varietals that are lower in sugar, normal alcohol by volume (ABV), and are full of flavor with zero flavor additives making it the perfect sip for wine lovers who are looking for a better-for-you option. FitVine is also gluten-free and vegan. Yeah, need I say more? Someone pour me a glass, please!

11. Silicone rings and watch bands

If there are active athletes, adventure seekers, or anyone who is on the go in your life (which is basically all of us), get in the groove with Groove Life

This active accessories maker has revolutionized wedding bands with breathable silicone rings and watch bands that are super stylish. These active accessories are great for any active adventurer, married or not.

A personal favorite of mine is the Gold Coast Stackable Ring, which I literally never take off including during my gym workouts.

12. Eco-conscious lipstick

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for her? Try Just B, a cosmetics brand focused on creating customizable, eco-conscious, high-performing products. I love their Lip Spectrum!

13. Keto supplements

Know someone who practices a keto lifestyle? Stock them up with their favorite Konscious Keto supplements. Choose from premium products such as BHB, keto protein shakes, metabolic energizers, and supreme green supplements. Who wouldn’t want a stocking full of supplements? It is a health nut’s dream.

14. Leather honey

This would be the perfect stocking stuffer for all of the men in your life: boyfriends, dads, fiances, husbands, uncles, yeah…all the guys. Leather Honey keeps leather looking brand new and can be used on almost all leather goods, from the car liner to his favorite leather shoes and pretty much everything in between.

The easy-to-apply formula is natural, safe, made of high-quality ingredients, and makes leather last longer. Safe for kids and pets, Leather Honey soaks into leather’s pores, hydrating the individual fibers of the leather and providing a water-repellent barrier that prolongs its life. The nontoxic, water-repelling formula offers six months of protection.

15. Sleep sound machine 

Keep your family and friends entertained and well-rested with this stocking stuffer, the LectroFan Micro2. This all-in-one sleep sound machine and portable Bluetooth speaker can be paired with a smartphone for streaming audio and making calls with the built-in microphone. They can also select sleep sound mode and enjoy their choice of five digital fan sounds, four variations of white, pink, and brown noise, and two ocean surf sounds. Night-night, sleep tight!

16. Eco-friendly workout towels

It doesn’t matter if you’re stuffing stockings for someone who enjoys the beach, fitness, golf, or the great outdoors (or maybe all of the above) — LEUS towels are great stocking stuffer ideas for adults.

LEUS creates eco-friendly and innovative towels made with post-consumer recycled fabrics and uses sustainable sourcing and production practices. Each towel is specifically designed to support different activities including fishing, golfing, hiking, surfing, working out, yoga, and everything in between. 

LEUS’ towels are antimicrobial, super soft, absorbent to wick away moisture, built to survive the elements, dry fast, and are the perfect size for each activity. Plus, each towel is created using post-consumer recycled fabric made from the equivalent of six to 22 plastic bottles, depending on the product line. (How cool is that?!)

17. Plant-based superfood powder

Another perfect stocking stuffer idea for her is Longevity by Brooke Burke. Add this blend to any health and wellness routine to combine the power of plant-based superfoods with the sweet taste of cacao. Made with digestive support, omega protein, superfoods, and teas, simplified wellness is just a scoop (or two) away. Pretty sure your mother or sister will love it!

18. Plant-based protein powder

Looking for a stocking stuffer for those practicing that plant-based lifestyle? Look no further than Look Organics. This holistic skincare and wellness brand offers a 100% plant-based protein powder. 

While topical skincare can help treat specific areas of concern, internal imbalances can often leave the skin still problematic. That’s why it’s sometimes best to treat external skincare internally and begin from within. This allows the body to build and restore faster. 

Plus, this plant-based protein powder is made with only four simple ingredients: organic pea protein, organic pumpkin protein, organic vanilla bean powder, and organic monk fruit extract.

19. Cocktail mixers

If wine isn’t a stocking stuffer for those on your gift-giving list, what about a mixer instead? Mary’s Mixers are home to seven different cocktail mixers that are fantastically delicious.

Mary’s Mixers are inspired by ingredients that are 100% all-natural, fresh, organic, and meticulously selected with flavors that’ve been acquired from around the globe. With every mixer in the Mary’s Mixers lineup, there’s an extensive amount of detailed care taken to develop incomparable, delectable blends with no added colors, additives, or preservatives.

20. Refillable body care

If you have family and friends who are all about the Earth, the environment, and being as eco-conscious as possible (these are the people who design eco-friendly outdoor spaces every summer), stuff their stockings with Myro, refillable, eco-friendly body care products. From body wash to D.O. for that B.O., Myro has everything your loved ones need to transform their health and hygiene into an eco-friendly oasis for body care products.

21. Foodie travel guide

Do you have any loved ones planning an around-the-world trip this year? Fill their holiday stockings with a copy of a fully revised and updated edition of Food Journeys of a Lifetime Second Edition: 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe. On the menu: a glimpse into some of the top dishes, markets, and restaurants worth traveling far and wide to savor.

Featuring more than 60 brand new bites and sites, compiled by the expert travel writers at National Geographic, this is the ultimate collection for building a food-cation bucket list. With each flip of the page, armchair travelers and foodies alike will find a dazzling array of diverse recommendations, appetizing illustrations, unique culinary techniques, and carefully curated top 10 lists that are sure to make mouths water. Yum!

22. Organic beauty products

Shopping for all those natural beauties in your life? Go with Organic to Green. This organic beauty company works with artisan brands to deliver products free of harmful ingredients. They also work with other established organizations to eliminate confusion in identifying organic and natural products with universally recognized verifications — because let’s be real, clean and organic beauty can be tough to navigate sometimes.

23. Shower steamer

Another great stocking stuffer idea for her is an all-natural, essential oil-infused Shower Steamer from Parrotfish, a zero-waste self-care brand. 

Wait, what is a shower steamer, you ask? A shower steamer is basically a bath bomb for your shower. It releases aroma as it’s activated by water. Simply place the steamer in the shower where you’re sure water will hit it and let it do its thing! 

With only five to six all-natural ingredients in each Parrotfish steamer, you can rest assured they’re good for the body and mind. Plus, you won’t be sending anything harmful down the drain. The containers are made out of 100% virgin pulp paper that’s biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. Transform your bathroom into an energizing, fragrant, and relaxing at-home spa. Ahhh…relaxation.

24. Funfetti cake and cupcake mix

If you have family and friends who are constantly getting their bake on in the kitchen, stuff their stockings with sets of their favorite baking supplies. 

Include a new apron or chef’s hat and add a box or two of Pillsbury Funfetti cake and cupcake mix with a tub of their Funfetti vanilla frosting. Who knows, maybe your baker will even share their beloved baked goods with you? Uh, yes, please!

25. Magnetic desk accessories for stress relief

Stressed? Yeah, us too — which is why one of the best stocking stuffers for adults is Speks. This brand provides some of the most popular magnetic desk accessories designed for stress relief. Whether your loved ones are working from home or at the office, fill their holiday stockings with Speks. (Literally so obsessed with the colors, patterns, and shapes.)

26. Luxury dishware

Another stocking stuffer that may need to come as a picture cut out would be Stone+Lain, which will give your loved ones a luxe touch to every meal they make in the coming new year. More than just dishware, Stone+Lain craft experiences out of china, porcelain, and stone. Their bowls and plates come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.

Stone+Lain believes that a formal or casual table moment should be priceless, not pricey. From dreamy marbled designs to sleek minimalist motifs, Stone+Lain appeals to all personal preferences with a vast array of unique and eye-catching settings that make the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for adults. (Seriously, someone gift me this because I don’t want to buy this adult purchase myself!)

27. Vaginal care wash

Looking for other stocking stuffer ideas for wellness enthusiasts? Shop the vaginal wellness company, The Honey Pot Company, which is changing the way humans talk about and care for their vaginas. 
The world of vaginal wellness can be a tricky one to navigate on your own, but The Honey Pot Company is here to guide people through their sexual health journeys while educating them on vaginal care and wellness. Need some ideas? A personal favorite of mine is the Bergamot Rose Wash.

28. Organic honey lip balm

As we get older, the gifts we often resented as young children (I’m looking at you, socks!) are exactly what we wish to receive as adults. This is why Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Organic Lip Balms are perfect for every stocking on your fireplace mantle. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer idea for her or him, couldn’t we all use more lip balms in our lives? (Totally!)

29. Biodegradable wet wipes

If you’re shopping for someone who’s obsessed with wiping everything (and I mean everything) down, then consider gifting them Wipeys’. This line of biodegradable wet wipes is made with nontoxic ingredients and provides super convenient options for cleaning the body, face, hands, and phone.

Wipeys’ also uses ingredients like eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, lemon peel oil, oat kernel extract, and peppermint that naturally cleanse and have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. (Score!) The packaging is also super chic, making it one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for her or anyone else on your list.

30. Antacids

Now, this is a stocking stuffer for adults you may want to use yourself after all of that holiday feasting. Enter Wonderbelly, a natural over-the-counter antacid that treats acid indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn.

Wonderbelly is aiming to be a better, more thoughtful, and tastier alternative to other products — which is why this product is changing the conversation around digestive health and the “hard-to-talk-about” things that cause many digestive health issues people are experiencing nowadays. 

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