Is Mushroom Coffee Really Worth Trying?

Whether it’s the ritual, the taste, the smell, or the simple boost to your energy and productivity, the majority of Americans can agree on one thing: We love our coffee. That said, it can have its downsides, like the generally not-so-favorable jitters and crashes.

This has many people looking for alternatives, which is why mushroom coffee is having a moment. Although these adaptogenic, functional mushrooms have been used in ancient cultures, they’ve been popular in the last few years as an addition to coffee, with benefits ranging from improved energy, focus, immunity, mood, and more.

Let’s break down the different types of functional mushrooms you might see and popular brands of mushroom coffee. 


So what do these mushrooms actually do?

Most companies have a mixture of chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps mushrooms. Mushroom coffee benefits range, which is why there are different mixtures depending on your health goals.

  • Chaga can help with immunity and reduce inflammation.
  • Reishi has similar benefits but also can be helpful with low mood, fatigue, and stress.
  • Lion’s mane has anti-inflammatory properties and specifically can help the brain with focus and memory. It may also help reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Cordyceps may improve the way your body uses oxygen (especially during exercise), reduce inflammation, and balance blood sugar.

So clearly these mushrooms can be impactful for both mental and physical health. 

Do functional mushrooms really help?

As I stated before, these mushrooms do have a good track record for evidence of their countless benefits as they’ve been used since ancient times. But if you dig up the most current research, it seems to be more in the area of anti-cancer properties — and I’m excited to see this research progress.

I’m a dietitian, and after I was first intrigued by the research and how these mushrooms have helped, I decided to try Four Sigmatic Think Ground Coffee for myself.

For me, it took a few days to feel the benefits — but after taking it consistently, I could really feel the difference in focus, my mood, and my stress response. I’m a big fan — and for me, yes this mushroom coffee really did help. 

Where can I find mushroom coffee?

Four Sigmatic has become the known name in mushroom coffee, and I love that they have different products for different benefits depending on if you want to focus, relax, or boost your immunity. I’m also a fan of their hot cocoa, which you can take at night to help you wind down.

I’ve also been finding more and more local companies making mushroom coffee, and I’d encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for these at your local farmers’ markets. Knowing the range of adaptogenic mushrooms and their benefits is helpful for making informed purchasing decisions here.

MUD\WTR and Ryze are also some popular brands. 

The bottom line on mushroom coffee

Coffee with adaptogenic properties? Count me in. These can be great solutions to improve brain health and overall well-being.

Plus, unlike other supplements where it can be challenging to remember to take them, rest assured I won’t forget my morning coffee — and I think many people can relate. This is an easy adjustment to your morning ritual that will set you up for your day. 

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