The Superhuman App Will Change Everything You Believed About Meditation

Think you can’t meditate? The Superhuman app might just change your mind (literally and figuratively). Launched in August 2021, it’s unlike any other meditation app on the market. Featuring entirely guided mediations (although there will be unguided programs launching soon), it has some of the same content you will find on other meditation apps, such as sitting meditations.

But what makes Superhuman different is that the majority of meditations are designed to be listened to while you’re doing other things, such as walking, exercising, getting ready, running errands, cleaning, etc. So, If you ever thought you couldn’t multitask while meditating, this app will prove you wrong.  

Superhuman is exclusively focused on personal development as opposed to spirituality. There are also “Pep Talks” for those moments where you just need an adult time out, such as When Things Don’t Go As Hoped, Stop Doubting Yourself, and even Calm Down After A Family Argument (yes, please!).

Featuring cinematic music and creator Mimi Bouchard’s soothing voice, it’s the perfect soundtrack for anyone trying to become their best self. Bouchard is a true visionary beyond her years. While the Canadian came into the public eye as a reality star, she realized there was more she could give the world.  

superhuman app founder mimi bouchard

I recently spoke with Bouchard about her personal development journey, the process of creating Superhuman, and what makes this app so groundbreaking. 

When did you first become interested in personal development?

Personal development was a big interest of mine when I was 18. My mom gave me my first personal development book. It’s called The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. It is kind of the Bible of self-development for beginners and opened my eyes to this new world. 

How did your journey progress from there?

So after reading that book, I decided to become an entrepreneur, start an online magazine, and drop out of university. I had a deep intuitive hit to move to London. I just tried it all and ended up falling back on personal development a couple of years later. That’s when I started my subscription platform that used to be called Mimi Method. 

When did meditation become a part of your life?

From the beginning of my personal development journey, I actually couldn’t get into meditation. It was the one personal growth tool that I just felt very unattracted to. It was boring for me. So I started recording these pep talks to myself on the Voice Memos [app] on my phone. Then I started adding music behind them. I decided to share some of those on the subscription platform. People started loving the meditation so much that I rebranded my whole platform into just a guided meditation app.

When did you realize that meditation didn’t have to be something you did on a cushion or sitting— that could be something you did while doing other things?

I decided to create these voice memos on my phone that I could listen to while getting ready in the morning to help me visualize my future. I knew the tools like visualization and “acting as if” [I was my future self] and embodying the energy of [my] future self was so powerful. However, I needed a tool to help me constantly get into that headspace as often as possible. I decided to create it myself.

I never thought I would call what I teach “meditation.” But to meet my customer where they are, instead of creating a new word, I had to call it meditation.

What is the best way to use Superhuman if you’ve never used it before?

The best way to use the app is to simply press play on one of the meditations once a day. That’s it. Even if it’s a busy day for you, and you only have ten minutes. Put on a six-minute getting ready for a long day meditation, while you’re quickly brushing your teeth, washing your face, and throwing the makeup on. It’s that simple. Instead of thinking about nothing, [turn it on in the] background, multitask and think about the words that are being said in the meditation to change your state as quickly as possible.

superhuman app

One reoccurring theme of the app is your “future self.” What exactly do you mean by this?

Sometimes people can get confused about the “future self” that I focus on in a lot of the app’s meditations. I use future self synonymously to higher self, best self, and ultimate self. It’s the elevated version of you. I like to call it the future self because I just know naturally I’m becoming more and more her. I believe that in life, we’re just always getting better when are doing this kind of work. 

It’s so important for anyone reading this to get crystal clear on the version of yourself that you want to be. Then simply start showing up as them, whether you’re using tools like Superhuman or creating your own tools that will help you tap into that energy. The trick is that you need to start feeling like the person you want to be. You’ll start changing how you think, act, your actions, your energies, how you show up, and you’ll change the results that you get in your life almost effortlessly. 

Who is Mimi’s future self?

I know who she is, how she acts, how she speaks. I know how she holds herself, I know what she dresses like. The more I make decisions that align with her, the more success, happiness, bliss, joy, and gratitude I feel in my life. 

The Mimi future self is always wearing linen and cashmere. She is abundant and deeply grateful for the life that she’s created. She’s very connected to her energy and to the world and she knows that she can create anything that she desires simply through this work [by] changing her own energy. She is loving. She has a beautiful relationship with her partner. She is kind and also powerful. She is feminine but strong. She treats herself with respect and love, and she prioritizes herself every day so that she can help the world.

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