How to Unlock Your Creative Mind Through Design, Yoga, and Journaling [#Sweatworking Summit]

We’re reliving the #Sweatworking Summit highlights and loving every minute. In this workshop, you’ll blend design, yoga, and journaling to unlock your creativity.

Big problems are sometimes solved in unexpected ways. And that’s why we’re focusing this talk on building practices to help unlock your most creative mind – even in a world that’s suddenly lived mostly within the bounds of your home. In this session we’ll work our way from the outside in — hearing from Jas Kirk on how your surroundings impact your mental state; from Paige Willis on how to move your body to fuel creativity; and from Ariel Upton from Today I Did It Right on creating a practice of journaling. And bring your notebook, because you’ll plan to journal too.

  • Ariel Upton is the founder of TODAY I DID IT RIGHT™, which started with a mutual desire between two women at two totally different stages of transition. The TODAY I DID IT RIGHT Self-Connection Journal is designed to help you notice, find, and reflect on one right thing every day. It’s the perfect daily journal that gives you clarity, community, and accountability.
  • Paige Willis is the founder of Undone, a wellness brand empowering movers and makers to explore their wellbeing through yoga and meditation. She is passionate about blending movement, creativity and exploration to support people as they uncover new ways to show up for their community.
  • Jas Kirk is the Creative Director at Studio Maxwell, a full service content marketing and advertising agency catering to women focused brands. She is an innovator and visionary looking to make an impact in the beauty industry while holding the conversation of mental health and wellness from a creative perspective. As the founder of Health Inspires Beauty & Hunni Duo, Jas believes that your health (mental, physical, emotional & spiritual) inspires your beauty. In order to really live and teach that beauty you must realize it is; a mantra, a lifestyle, a journey because we are forever evolving.

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