I Loved ClassPass, But I Left It—Here’s Why

Several months ago, I did something I never thought I’d do—EVER! I left ClassPass, canceling my membership. But it’s not because I don’t like ClassPass. I still highly recommend it to everyone. Still, leaving the app ended up being best for my physical and mental health, and in some ways, deleting my account proves that the app works. Here’s my ClassPass story.

i left classpass here's why

My ClassPass story

I joined ClassPass all the way back in the $99 unlimited days. Prior to that, I had been a member of nearly every major gym in Los Angeles. I belonged to Equinox, Crunch (twice) and even LA Fitness (I still miss that instructor who played My Chemical Romance in every single spin class).

But when I met my husband, seven(ish) years ago, I became bicoastal for a brief period. As someone who only takes classes, I didn’t feel the gym across the street from his apartment met my needs. So, I downloaded the app and signed up.

I worked out everywhere from Chaise Fitness to Exhale and even this incredible studio called Power Pilates near Sutton Place in Manhattan (Kevin is one of my favorite Pilates instructors of all time). While not every studio was on ClassPass at the time, I found more than enough that were, no matter where I was.  

ClassPass changes over time

When the cost went up, I understood. As my husband and I made our way back to Los Angeles, I kept my membership because FlyWheel, Pop Physique, and dr Pilates (fave local studio) were in walking distance of my apartment. Or I could drive to any of the seemingly endless options in West Hollywood or Hollywood.

Like most people, I discovered my favorite studios and instructors. Over time, new favorites opened and others closed. Some no longer participated in ClassPass.

Then they launched their current points system. While it still makes ClassPass less expensive than going a la carte, I wasn’t a fan of budgeting points. Really, who is?

Using fitness to fight depression

Then last summer, I went through a very difficult time when life challenged me in a way I had never experienced. I was in a terrible place emotionally and couldn’t be in my head for too long without breaking down.

As a master of keeping up appearances, especially on social media, I was starting to fall apart privately and publicly. I couldn’t keep myself together through a 50-minute long fitness class. Every single song made me feel emotional. I cried during a yoga class at Playlist, which is the most upbeat studio I’ve ever been to. Britany Spears might as well have been Billie Eilish. So, I stopped trying.  

But then I started to feel a little bit better and I knew exercise would help the depression lift. Around the same time, one of my favorite studios, PlateFit opened up a new location five minutes away from where I live. (The best part to a LA resident—lots of free parking!)

You might have seen their Studio City location on The Hills New Beginnings, but I’ve been going there for years because I discovered it through (you guessed it) ClassPass. The new studio had free week unlimited week. So I forced myself to go. Also, I used my last ClassPass credits on a facial. 

PlateFit offers a variety of classes including HIIT, Barre, TRX and even a super relaxing Recovery class all on a Power Plate. This device is a vibrating platform that causes muscles you didn’t even know you had to contract. It’s a killer workout that takes approximately half an hour, which was coincidentally about the maximum amount of time I could manage my feelings for. Even just the act of completing a workout felt like a monumental accomplishment to me. 

Shedding the ClassPass identity—for better

However, I was hesitant to sign up at first because I was a ClassPass member for so many years that it felt like an identity to me, much in the same way people talk about being vegan. 

The other issue was that my neighboorhood fitness options dwindled. Two of the three studios I could walk to were dunzo. And while I still love dr pilates, I knew if I wanted to go again, I’d just have to pay for it. So, I bit the bullet and scored a founding membership deal. 

Today, I’m doing a lot better and I’m still going strong at PlateFit. Sometimes, I even take two classes in a row, like Barre followed by Recovery. While I miss the variety of ClassPass a little bit, PlateFit isn’t boring and no two classes are alike. It’s a trade-off like anything else. Furthermore, my life is busier than it’s ever been. So, I now make same the excuse everyone else makes—“I just don’t have time to exercise.”

But I make it to Platefit four to five days a week. And now, my mind and body are finally in a better place, which was really the whole purpose of ClassPass to begin with. 

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