Mo Seetubtum Creates Roadmap to Happiness with Happiness Planner
  • December 6, 2017
  • the happiness planner

    What makes you happy? What makes you unhappy? What habits would you like to improve? What and who are you grateful for in your life? What is your definition of success? Not part of your average checklist or daily to-do’s, but questions like these make up the Happiness Roadmap as outlined in Mo Seetubtim’s Happiness Planner.

    Seetubtim asked the readers of her personal blog for input about what would help them in their everyday lives. Their overwhelming answer was help to find and feel happiness daily.

    “A lot wanted to learn how they could be more positive and happier, and I thought this was so interesting,” Seetubtim shares. “There are so many books out there about happiness and positive thinking, but it’s not like something you can just read and change overnight. It requires practice. You need to practice the new way of thinking, of doing, over and over and over until your mind is trained.”

    And thus sparked the idea of The Happiness Planner, a daily journal and planner with gratitude and positive thinking at the forefront of the agenda (literally).

    When we talk to gold medalists, stuntwomen or finance gurus, we tend to hear grit behind their words; their goals are specific and they’ve got to be fierce if they mean business about accomplishing them. But Seetubtim sees goals in a slightly different, perhaps even softer, light.

    “I think one of the things I’ve come to realize over the years … it’s not about what I get, it’s mostly about what I become,” she says. “And I really like the process of competing with myself and becoming the best I can be.

    Goals for this founder – no matter how big her business becomes – can still be about developing the smallest of human attributes.

    Seetubtim offers up potential goals like “I want to be more organized” or “I want to be more humorous” as interesting and worthwhile goals to go after.

    “I think these are some of the things that people can actually set as personal goals – and I think [they’re] actually really fun to achieve. A lot of people don’t even think about achieving [them].”

    Gratitude and positive thinking as a habitual act that you must practice is what sets The Happiness Planner apart from millions of other diaries and journals worldwide. Taking The Happiness Planner to the global market is a huge goal Seetubtim’s accomplished this year, and next up, she wants to bring the planner to more youth across the world.

    Where we grow up and who we grow up with may be out of our control, but learning how to deal with our own internal conflicts is within our control. If we can do that from a younger age, we’ll be better equipped to deal with even bigger conflicts in adulthood.

    As Seetubtim says in the conclusion of this episode, “If everybody grows up feeling more happy and whole, there would be fewer issues in this world.”

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