#WeGotGoals With Olympic Gold Medalist Tori Bowie

Every episode of #WeGotGoals is special – it allows us to view the world the way high achievers do and to break down that achievement into cause and effect. And like the people who make them, each goal is unique. Matt Matros wants to be the source of all of the coffee in the world. Sarah Spain wants to enjoy her life now that she has that she’s accomplished a big dream of being a major contributor on ESPN.

On this episode, we talked to Tori Bowie, Olympic track and field athlete and winner of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the 2016 Summer games in the 4 X 100m, 100m and 200m sprints respectively.

After starting her life in foster care, Tori found her way into her grandmother’s care, where she thrived. Her athletics career started with high school track where she dominated on the largest high school athletics stage: taking home state championships.

Winning is something that Tori is getting accustomed to, but she still wants more. She talks about what it feels like to stand on the winners’ podium on a global stage. She also mentioned her next big goal: earning the title of “world record holder” and “world’s fastest,” a feat she’s spending energy on pursuing, shaving milliseconds off of her time whenever possible.

And for the first time, we heard a high achiever struggle to think about where their life will lead them next. This challenge in picturing her life outside of the sport was hard for her to even fathom, which makes sense, because to Tori, today is the only thing that really matters.


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