How To Dress, Prep and Pack for Marathon Day

My first marathon is looming. I’ve learned one thing about myself over the years and that’s if a feat intimidates me, I’ll do one of two things – learn everything about it or act like it doesn’t exist.

I’ve taken both approaches to this marathon, at times acting like I don’t know how long a marathon is and at others asking everyone how they prepare. It’s down to the wire and it’s happening.

I sought help from a few friends at Nike Running Club and Fleet Feet who shared all of their knowledge with me so that I can stop acting like this isn’t happening and start my journey to 26.2.


Preparing for marathon day is an element of three things: knowing what to wear, what to carry on your person and what to give to your loved ones or to gear check so you can transition to post-marathon.

What to wear

Layers. No matter the marathon, you’ll start the race at a different temperature than you’ll end it. Here’s what I’m wearing.

What to carry on your person

  • A fanny pack or belt: I’m carrying the Nathan six-pocket belt
  • Your fuel of choice: On course, Gatorade Endurance will be fueling the marathon. I have some of the brand’s gels and the Clif Bloks I’ve been fueling with for marathon training
  • A water bottle: I have the amphipod handheld water bottle which fits in my hand so that I can take my gels and chews when I need to even if I’m not close to a water station (hint: take your gels and chews with water)
  • Chapstick: You’ll be doing about four hours of mouth-breathing
  • Body Glide: Even if you’ve never chafed before, you just might on marathon day. Bodyglide will help to keep you skin happy if your shoes or clothes start to rub
  • My phone: I’m keeping it in airplane mode with my playlists loaded up! Try these Marathon mixes by the DJ Firm
  • Headphones: I love my Bose Soundsport Headphones, but Bluetooth uses a little extra battery, so I’m going straight iPhone headphones
  • A small mobility ball: The Foot Rubz ball will help me with any plantar fasciitis flair ups on the way.
  •  ID/Credit Card/Keys: In case I stop at Starbucks, mostly.

What to have waiting at the finish line

  • Fresh kicks: After putting 26.2 miles on your shoes, it will feel great to put on some fresh shoes that haven’t had the cushion beaten out of them
  • Clean and dry clothes: You need an entirely new outfit, from socks to underwear to all of your layers in case it’s colder than you expect
  • A headband or hat: Cover up those sweaty hairs

No matter which race you’re running, your gear can help you prepare for the best and worst-case scenarios. Pack wisely, friends.

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