Get in the Zone With This Rowing and Med Ball EMOM Workout

Today is an endurance day – in all aspects of life. And for me, there’s nothing that says endurance in a workout form better than an EMOM workout. That’s what we’ve got for you today.

EMOM means “Every Minute On the Minute.”

That means that for each set below, you’ll set your timer for 60-second increments and try to get through the two exercises in the set before the 60 seconds are up (ideally, try to finish in about 40 seconds so you have 20 seconds to rest). At the top of the next minute, you’ll start over with the same two moves.

You’ll do five EMOM sets for each set of exercises. That’s five different sets, five times each for a total of 25 very hard minutes of work. After you finish each set (all five times) hold any plank variation for 60 seconds. Then rest as long as you need between sets but try to keep it to less than two minutes.

You’ll need:

A med ball or dynamax ball and a rowing machine


If you do this workout, let us know here!


Here are your five different sets:

Set 1:

  • 120m Row
  • 12 Sit-ups (Feet stay strapped Into rowing machine)

(:60 plank)

Set 2: 

  • 10 med ball lunge jumps
  • 10 squats on med ball

(:60 plank)

Set 3: 

  • 100m row
  • 5 delt raises

(:60 plank)

Set 4: 

  • 10 ball slams alternating side to side
  • 5 burpees

(:60 plank)

Set 5:

  • 200m row

Here’s how it will look:

Row: For a great tutorial on rowing, check Dani’s post on the topic that includes some expert tips. You’ll use your legs much more than your arms as you row (about 70 percent legs, 30 percent arms). Keep your arms extended as you push off with your legs from the catch position (the front of the range of motion). When your legs are fully extended, pull the handle back towards the bottom of your sternum (or bottom of your bra strap) as you lean back about 30 degrees. Keep your core tight. On the way forward, extend your arms before you ever bend your knees. Once your arms are extended, bend your knees to return to your starting position.
asweatlife_roweremom_rower1 asweatlife_roweremom_rower2

Sit-ups: Keep your feet in the straps. Cross your arms over your chest. Inhale as you lean back, keeping your back as straight and chest as tall as you can. Only lower down as far as you can keep your core engaged, then exhale and sit back up.

asweatlife_roweremom_rower3 asweatlife_roweremom_situp2

Med ball lunge jumps: Hold the ball at your chest for an added weight. Inhale as you step your right leg back into a lunge and exhale as you step your right foot back up to center. Repeat on the left with a step, or turn it into a lunge jump.

asweatlife_roweremom_lunge1 asweatlife_roweremom_lunge3asweatlife_roweremom_lunge2

Squats on med ball: Stand about a foot in front of your med ball. Lower down into a squat until you almost sit onto the med ball, your glutes just barely touching. Keep the weight in your heels and engage your abs to jump up into a jump and land back into your squat. Remember to keep your chest lifted the whole time.

asweatlife_roweremom_squat1 asweatlife_roweremom_squat2 asweatlife_roweremom_squat3

Delt raises: Extend your arms straight, holding the rower lightly with your fingertips facing up. Your legs and trunk will stay still as you lift your arms straight up overhead on an exhale and lower them back down on an inhale.

asweatlife_roweremom_deltraise1 asweatlife_roweremom_deltraise2

Side-to-side ball slams: Start with the med ball overhead with your hips square to your front. Rotate from your hips as you turn your body to the right and slam the ball down. Bend your knees as you pick it up, move through center, and repeat on the left side.


Burpees: Squat down, touching the floor and jump back into a plank. Lower down to the floor, allowing your chest to touch the floor, staying in control. Push back up, jump forward into your squat position again and jump into the air.

asweatlife_jumprope_burpee1asweatlife_jumprope_burpee2asweatlife_jumprope_burpee3 asweatlife_jumprope_burpee4

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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