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Each week, I teach a couple of bootcamps for some hip startups at HiFi Personal Fitness at Orleans and Institute. At HiFi, you’ll find an assortment of trainers doing some really different stuff from jiu-jitsu to dance.  Every week, there’s a class that follows mine that is full of some tough cookies. They walk in, grab the heaviest weights they can handle and get ready to sweat. It turns out that this group of @55 kickers are showing up each week to take [email protected] Fitness, a 55 minute workout designed to maximize your calorie burn.

This week, on my way out of the class, I made a joke that I was going to stay to take Kick @55. And the amazing instructor, who is made of so many muscles, Rebecca said, “Of course you can stay. Grab a barbell, a kettle bell and a jump rope.” And there was no turning back.

The class was off to an immediate and insane start, using every prop available in the room – the larger of two studios at HiFi. We started our warmup in partner groups, one partner jumping rope and the other partner running around the studio space.

Each and every set of exercises had some sort of heart-rate raiser and a slower (but not that slow) strength element, so needless to say, this was a very sweaty room. After we were warmed up, we alternated between four side-to-side squat jumps and four squat kicks for a minute. Not an easy minute.Without much time to recover, we racked the barbell on our shoulders and squatted. Then we went right into four push-ups and four mountain climbers for a minute and threw the weights on our shoulders one more time and knocked out a minute of reverse lunges. This was the most memorable set because I kept finding myself thinking things like, “20 more seconds?! Are you kidding?!”

Kick@55 Fitness at HiFi

We caught our breath as Rebecca explained that we’d move onto a circuit made up of BOSU burpees, wall balls, pull-ups using an equalizer, monkey bars and lateral jumps from side to side. This circuit not only helped to break up the class, it also offered a challenge that allowed me to relive my elementary school monkey bar glory.

Rebecca threw in a set towards the end of class using a kettle bell to do some swings, goblet squats and alternating lunges with kettle bell pass under the leg. To finish, we went through all of the stations we used for the circuit portion of class once more as an obstacle course.

Needless to say, by the end of class, everyone was totally gassed.

If you’re interested in trying out [email protected], you can reserve a spot here or grab the Groupon, which is running right now and gets you a month of classes for $39. Even more good news for those of you who want to try [email protected]: each month, there are different themed classes like the ’80s. I don’t know about you, but I have some pretty great old halloween costumes just sitting in my closet.

asweatlife Kick@55 Fitness at HiFi

[email protected] is also hosting its third annual Biggest Loser contest starting in January, lasting for 12 weeks. Each entrant pays $20 to enroll and the winner loser takes home the pot.

Gym: HiFi Personal Fitness is a trainers’ gym where personal trainers can take clients or groups to get a workout in.

Class focus: This class packs a lot of strength and heart rate raisers meant to burn the maximum amount of calories in 55 minutes. Classes can be taken seven days each week.

Cost per class: $20

Money saving offers:

  • $200 for 12 class
  • $150 for a month of unlimited
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