{Giveaway} Enter for a Chance to Win a 3-Pack at Delos Therapy

asweatlife_Enter for a Chance to Win a 3-Pack at Delos Therapy

When it comes to fitness, pushing your limits is usually a good thing. But there are times when you’re not ready for a challenge or you don’t listen to your body and you end up in what my father refers to as “a world of pain.”

This can be anything from knees that just don’t want to take the miles you’re putting on them anymore to a back “situation.” Of course, you can’t live your life fearing that pain will befall you, but you can know how to take care of it should it happen.

One pain therapy option in Chicago’s River North and Lincoln Park neighborhoods is Delos Therapy where manual therapy – or a sort of hyper-focused deep tissue massage – is used to relieve pain.

You can read more about what the therapy entails and how the method first came about here and get an account of my first time on the pain-relief table.

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