Taking #Sweatworking Back to CTF

When we planned #Sweatworking for September with CrossTown Fitness, we pushed our luck just a little bit with mother nature. We planned an outdoor paddle boarding event on the literal last day of summer.

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Everything was set to take the workout onto the water on the Friday before the event, but the knowledgeable owners of Chicago SUP can read the weather a little better than I can when it comes to conditions that will blow a well-meaning #sweatworking event to Michigan.

However, I want to acknowledge that it crossed my mind how funny it would have been to make a “not in Kansas anymore” joke while blowing away.

But that’s neither here nor there. We moved the event to a warm, dry and nearly impossible to blow away location, CrossTown Fitness in the West loop where attendees partnered up and really felt the spirit of #Sweatworking.

Betina, trainer extraordinaire and a total big deal, paired us up for our workout, after pausing for some quick jumping photos.

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She set us up to work our little hearts out in groups of two to maximize the time that we had together.

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While one partner worked through kettle bell exercises, the other partners busted their butts on the treadmill.

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To finish, we linked up with our partners one more time and did one more set of partner drills, including a combo squat and tug-of-war.

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Then we created a kind of bench press by having one partner push down while the other pushed up. Did you know that having friends is like having a gym? Having friends is like having a gym.

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Afterwards we dined on healthy snacks from MyFitFoods and Kind.

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And we sealed our Sunday fun-day by sipping on beer from Goose Island and cool, cool beverages from VitaCoco.

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If you want to be a part of the next event, be sure to sign up quickly for #Sweatworking at Full Psycle October 29.

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