Ten Minutes of Shoulders and Back
  • April 9, 2014
  • Shoulders and Back

    People who haven’t seen me in a while ask a very common question, “How’s wedding planning?” I tend to list accomplishments that I’ve checked off the list of to-dos that my wedding planner and owner of Bridal Sculpt, Shannon Gail has given me, but at the end of the list one thing stays the same, “and I’ve been working really hard on my shoulders and back.”

    Because I know toning these muscles matters to me, I know that it matters to tank-top enthusiasts and other brides rocking out their workouts at Bridal Sculpt. We did this five-exercise series twice, and we felt it. Want to come work out with us? You can try your first workout at Bridal Sculpt for free! Fill out the form here.

    Downward dog push-ups:


    Push back push-ups:

    Laying lat pulls:

    Triceps pulses:

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