Abs and Row Fusion at ENRGi Fitness


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Studio: ENRGi Fitness, newly relocated to 215 West Ohio

Class Focus: As described on ENRGi’s website, “Get ready to rock and row’ll with a super-charged mix of rowing, core strengthening, and total body exercises in this 30 or 60 minute class. Never rowed before? No problem! An instructor will lead the class to correct form and motivate you. This is a low-impact class, designed to get you sweating without the impact of running or jumping. Modifications will be given for each exercise, so all levels are welcome.”

Membership costs (more options listed here):

  • Two classes in one day: $22
  • Unlimited week pass: $45
  • First time one month: $65
  • 5 classes: $95
  • 12 classes: $210
  • One month no contract: $160

The Fab Fit Take:

At first glance, a thirty minute class with half of the focus on abs seems like a workout cop out. “No sweat,” I thought on my way in, internally cackling at my little pun. Welp, I’m here to admit in front of the toughest jury there is – internet commenters- that I was wrong. Abs & Row Fusion was one of the most efficient workouts I’ve had in awhile, jumping from row machines to body weight exercises and finishing with abs and a power blast. Thirty minutes, as it turns out, is plenty of time to break a sweat.


For those of you who have never tried rowing before, it’s a full-body, low-impact workout- perfect for those with the occasional knee twinges. The instructor Sunny introduced us to the machines and gave us a minute to warm up before setting us up for a 300 m interval alternating between moderate and surge every 50 m. After the round, which took about two minutes, we took to the floor for a total body exercise circuit: 15 push ups, 30 mountain climbers, 15 lunge jumps, 15 triceps dips, 30 toe touches on a raised surface and 15 squat jumps. We repeated the row/total body exercises sequence again, and then hit the ground for a quick ab workout using weighted. Our final sprint to the finish was 150 m followed by 10 burpees, repeated twice.

Surprised by the short write up? I know, I was too once I saw it on paper (er… on screen). However, I can assure you that I definitely broke a sweat, as did the two hulky guys who were in the class with me. Sunny offered levels, one of my favorite fitness buzz words, and I can’t stress enough how useful this class would be for someone who only has time to squeeze in a quick 30 minute workout without resorting to just a treadmill or a bike. This class is also ideal for anyone who’s interested in rowing and wants a little taste – those machines can be a little intimidating and goofy-looking, but I personally love how easy it is to complete distance/speed sets on them for a high-intensity workout.

ENRGi row

Worth noting? ENRGi offers a dizzying array of classes, and while I haven’t had a chance to try any besides Abs & Row  Fusion (Although Jeana tried Ultimate Conditioning and WERQ), I would definitely go back for one of the SWAT classes I caught a glimpse of on my way out, or maybe a Ropes Gone Wild or Warrior Tabata class (these names, y’all). The studio itself is shiny and new with lots of neon and a surprising number of studios (including MONKEY BARS), locker rooms and bathrooms tucked away in a relatively compact, prime River North location. Plus, they are exactly next door to the Forever Yogurt company headquarters. Talk about strategic office placement in helping me decide to go back soon…

Date taken: 2/18/14

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  1. I absolutely love rowing. I’m working on a post right now, it’s the ultimate workout but I feel like a lot of people aren’t educated about it, or are simply intimidated by the machine!

    1. It really is! I especially feel it in my back and shoulders.. surprised more Chicago studios don’t offer classes!

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