Getting Winter Fit with Nike in Blustery Chicago

[Disclosure: Nike provided me with some amazing cold-weather gear as a part of an upcoming event. As always, I only write about the products and the classes that I love.]

Nike pulled together some fitness bloggers from across the city and asked us to grab a team to compete in a mystery, outdoor, competition event. An outdoor fitness event shrouded in mystery, you say? That’s an obvious, “yes!”

So I pulled together some of the baddest fitness enthusiasts I could think of (in this case bad=good). Meet the team (name still pending).

photo 2

From left to right:

  1. Me, really just trying to pull my weight the day after my office holiday party. To level set, I did the worm in a cocktail dress.
  2. Sam is a total powerhouse who works out at Sweat on State.
  3. Liz has endurance for days and also works out at Sweat on State.
  4. Adam was our token male and was brought in for his ability to lift heavy things, but really shined with his ridiculous running pace.
  5. Katy writes and has amazing yoga-strength.

photo 4

We got paired up with a coach. Ours was Pat – the gent in the name tag – who wanted to win as badly as we did. Pat can be found at On Your Mark teaching spin and run classes and if he’s anything like he was with us at the event – you should try to take his classes. We warmed up with Pat and Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis. Marie is the kind of instructor that you should seek out – motivational and can smile at you while putting you through a tiny bit of torture.

As soon as we were warmed up, we shed our layers and went through the rest of the workout in our Nike Hyperwarm gear. Nike outfitted the team captains with the Nike Pro Engineered Half ZipNike Pro Hyperwarm Compression tightNike Lunar Element and the Nike Fuelband SE and we put it to the test with a two hour outdoor workout. Verdict: warm!

From there we ran as a team to Navy Pier (1.2 miles) where we’d face our first workout challenge.


At Navy Pier, we lunged, squatted and hopped our way through a series twice and took off running again to Pioneer Square where we’d meet back with the rest of the group.


Our team gave it our all to arrive first at Pioneer Square first. So obviously we won, right (See all of the #1s in the air in the photo)? Wrong.

photo 2

Marie retook the stage and led one more workout that was a total leg-buster.

photo 4

I paired up with Adam for the partner portion of the workout, which consisted of a ridiculous amount of squats and tuck jumps. When the workout came to a close, we reported the amount of Nike+ fuel that we had racked up, which factored into deciding the winner of the secret grand prize: tickets for the entire team to the Bears/Packers game.

photo 5

We piled into a heated tent and waited for the team to tabulate the results. I’m not going to say the we were robbed … So I’m just not going to say anything at all.


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