Staying accountable: You’re my workout buddies now

I’ve been bad at my morning workouts. Like snoozing-for-two-hours bad. It can’t continue this way, lest Fiance throw my iPhone out the window.

I’ve read book after book about getting the most out of your day. All signs point to getting after it in the morning. Another workout success tip? Getting a workout partner leads to greater accountability and better results.

I’m too much of a nomad to get a real workout buddy, so I’m stealing a page from Kate of who shares her workouts at the beginning of the week to keep her honest. Find me at Sweat on State, Real Ryder, River North Gym (which I haven’t tried yet) and Swimming wherever I can.

Screen shot 2013-10-13 at 9.58.08 PM

Want to join me in the quest for greater accountability? Share your week with me via email [email protected] or in the comments and I’ll check in on you too!

Accountability update:  Thank you to MaryEtta for the email (and for keeping me accountable) – I hit a 65% success rate last week and missed 3 of my 5 morning classes, but I made everything else. That’s kind of a wah wah week, but I’m committed to getting better!