Vinyasa 2-3 at Moksha Yoga Center

Studio: Moksha Yoga Center (Riverwest), 700 N Carpenter

Other Chicago locations:

  • Lakeview: 3334 N Clark
  • West Bucktown: 2528 W Armitage

Class Focus: Mind, body and spirit health through a thoughtful vinyasa flow

Cost per workout: $18

Money saving offers:

  • $0 Saturday yoga at Athleta (3415 North Southport at 9 am, Sept. 21 and Sept. 28) (see more)
  • $0 Intro to yoga class with a teacher graduating from teacher training (see more)
  • $13 one hour class
  • $8 Karma class (taught by a teacher in training)

The Fab Fit take:

When you find a good yoga studio, you know it before you ever step into a class. The space is abuzz with people going to and from class, the instructors know all of the students and attempt to learn the new students’ names – and somehow all of this is happening just barely above a whisper.

Moksha Yoga Center provides yogis with that and the entire mind, body, spirit mix that I love to see in a yoga class. Don’t get me wrong, the first time I was asked to chant in a yoga class, I got the giggle-ohms (because I’m that mature), but when everyone is into it, you can’t help but get into it too.

I’ve been meaning to try Moksha for months after the ecstatic raves of the ladies working at Lululemon on Rush. They were right to rave. The class itself was super challenging. The flow moves quickly and – something I love with my fitness wanderlust – the two classes I took were completely different from each other. They both mixed strength, flexibility and inversion, but beyond that, the instructors were empowered to vary the classes within the Vinyasa style.

Get a taste for the style here:


While the 90-minute classes weren’t heated, they were total sweat fests. I am a sweaty human being, but I looked around and I was not alone (I know you’re not supposed to look around in a yoga class, but namaste anyway). By the end of class I was totally spent and feeling the yoga-buzz.

Try a class this weekend in River West, Lakeview, West Bucktown or for free at Athleta at 3415 North Southport at (9 am 9/21).

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