Barre Brawl at Barre Bee Fit River North

Class title: Barre Brawl

Studio: Barre Bee Fit (River North), 435 N. LaSalle Boulevard

Other Chicago Locations:

  • Gold Coast: 1165 N. Clark, Chicago, IL 60610
  • Lincoln Park: 1962 N. Clybourn Chicago, IL 60614

Class Focus: There’s a mix of intense cardio mixed in with Barre Bee toning.

Cost per class: $18

Money saving offers:

  • One month unlimited with 3 month renewal: $99
  • The larger the package you buy, the more you save on classes

Who should take the class: Anyone looking to build long, lean muscles with toning and cardio all in one class

The Fab Fit take:

To be frank, I signed up for the class thinking, “this will be a nice little break.” It was not a nice little break. Tough Boxing series are mixed with even tougher barre toning. This class also takes the coordination of a boxer. It’s an all around challenge.

The instructor walked the class through basic punches and kicks to get everyone into proper form. I came home and showed Boyfriend a roundhouse kick, to which he replied something about Chuck Norris.

It started out a bit rough as my lack of coordination was at odds with the complicated boxing series mixed in with planks and pushups, but after 12 run-throughs, I felt like I could take on a mugger. Then we ran through the series for 15 more minutes. The toning series was an abbreviated version of a Barre Bee Fit class. Layered onto the already intense boxing series, my muscles were spent. The entire class, by the way, is done with 2 lb. weights strapped to your hands.

We finished up the class with 3 sets of abs – standing up, which helped access muscles that you can’t get at on the mat. To get a feel for it at home, try this.

The verdict: I’ve already signed up for my second and third Barre Brawl class. I’m into it.

Date taken: 7/10 at 7:15 pm with Nina

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