Marathon Monday: Marathon Training Apps

Marathon training isn’t natural, but there are apps on iPhone and Android to help make marathon training a more natural part of your life. Running in itself is a instinctual activity, […]

Fit Books: Uncovering the Secrets of Elite Global Runners in Running with the Kenyans

I’ve been on a little kick lately of reading books about long distance running. Of course, Born to Run is a classic, and Eat and Run is a new favorite, […]

Introducing… Kristen Runs a Marathon

As of one month ago, I had no desire to run a marathon. For a lot of reasons. “I don’t want to get injured”- very fair, considering my past stress […]

Training for a Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago

I’ve gotten pretty lucky in my day job – one of my clients, REFUEL, allows me to think and talk about fitness and nutrition all day, which is kind of […]