The Power of Touch – Why Massage Isn’t an Indulgance

Stop thinking about your massage as a way to waste money. Not only is it nice for your health, according to this therapist, it’s necessary.

Gather Community. Give Back. Run Your Heart Out.

On February 4, lululemon athletica will team up with ambassador Cheyne Adams to put on a 50-mile race from store to store, benefitting I Grow Chicago.

Fire up Your Crockpot With This Pumpkin Chili Recipe

Take full advantage of the fall pumpkin trend with this hearty, nutrition-packed and, most importantly, easy-to-make crockpot pumpkin chili recipe.

Bare Feet Power Yoga: Hidden Gem in the West Loop

The West Loop has more than restaurant. The West Loop’s Bare Feet Power Yoga has unique ways to get you on the mat that won’t disappoint.

Chicago Trainer Profile: Liz Cuttica

Meet Chicago Trainer Liz Cuttica and find her at Exhale and Studio three where she’ll put you through the classes from the Core Fusion family or Peloton.

Shred415 and the Park Hyatt Partner for Rooftop Workout

Shred415 and the Park Hyatt partnered for a series of rooftop workouts this summer. Read more about what you can expect and how you can sign up.

Chicago’s Top Four Fitness Adventures of 2016

Don’t settle for boring workouts as summer is just around the corner. These 4 fitness adventures will get you outside playing. You’ll forget it’s a workout.