Is Personal Training or Group Fitness Right for You?

When deciding how to get fit, the choice is often between personal training or group fitness. Read how they’re different and how they’re the same.

Eustress – the Best Stress

Eustress – a version of its less-liked cousin, distress – is the positive stress that results from a viewing obstacles as challenges rather than threats.

Shaping Your Nighttime Routine for a Healthy Day

Your routine for a healthy day starts as you plan for and think of the day ahead. So lay out your workout clothes and get ready to have a fit day ahead.

Own Your Workout

When you don’t enjoy doing something at the gym, chances are that you won’t keep going back. Learn to love your workout by finding what you enjoy.

Power Posing for Confidence

How you hold your body has a lot to do with your confidence. Learn how to stand and move to have the confidence to get you the client or get through the day.

6 Steps to Streamline Your Gym Time

Your gym time is precious. Use these tips to stay focused when you’re at the gym and maximize that time.

Be More Positive: The How and Why

The power of positive thinking can help you take a bad situation and make if better. Learn to be more positive with these tips.

NRC Run with Kevin Hart

Recently I was able to check off an item from my bucket list: running with a celebrity. Last Friday, actor and comedian Kevin Hart teamed up with Nike+ Run Club […]

How Functional Fitness Improves Your Daily Life

People exercise for a multitude of reasons. From aesthetics to disease prevention, there is always a motivation behind breaking a sweat. One of most practical, but often secondary, reasons to […]

5 Times You Need To Listen To Your Body

Last weekend I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. We were warned of heat advisories earlier in the week and even though the race started at 6:30 am, the […]

7 Things you need in your Home Gym

Chicago has a huge fitness community with workouts taking place in settings ranging from the lakefront to national “big box” gyms to boutique studios. You can find some of the country’s best workouts […]

SUP Core Fit at Chicago Paddle Company

Now that the sun seems to be making more of an appearance here in Chicago, there is one more activity that you need to add to your list this summer: […]


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