Non-CrossFit Lessons Learned From The Crossfit Open

CrossFitter or not, this workout is worth taking notes from. This writer found herself watching the CrossFit Open Games & made note of what she learned.

Podcast Episodes to Listen to While Traveling

Podcast episodes let you exercise your brain when you’re on-the-go. We’ve highlighted our favorite episodes over a few podcasts for your listening ease.

Can I Be Fit without Working out in the Morning?

There’s lots of talk that a morning routine sets you up for success, but listen to yourself to know if & when an evening workout is better for your rhythm.

Your New Workout Go-To: Introducing the aSweatLife Calendar

There’s a lot happening, so to keep up with it, we created the aSweatLife calendar. You’ll find #Sweatworking events, free events and #TrainersConnect.

Aiming to Find Balance in 2017

While finding balance may not be a S.M.A.R.T. goal, Dani’s taking actionable steps this year to realistically implement more balance into her busy life.

Are you Protecting Your Skin?

Protecting your skin doesn’t just mean spreading a thin layer of lotion on your face. Gear up for the chillier, drier months and keep your skin happy.

Meet Jess Kilts: Strength Coach With California Swagger

Jess Kilts, Nike trainer, powerlifting medalist & Crosstown Fitness coach, shares her journey to fitness & what she loves about the sport of powerlifting.

Fitness for the Busy Mom and Dad

If you’re trying to figure out how to fit your fitness routine back into you life post-baby. These options offer fitness for the busy mom or dad in Chicago.

Save Money and Explore Fitness with Gilt City

Looking for experiences going on in your city that will better fit into your budget? Check Gilt City for fitness and other wellness-related activities.

Winter Running: The Essential Layers

When the temperature drops, your don’t have to limit yourself to indoor running. The North Face shared its winter running must-haves.

How To Pedal Through Winter With a Bike Tune-Up

If you use your bike during the colder months, this step-by-step guide for an at-home Bike Tune-Up will keep your pedals turning.

A Track Workout to Bring Home for Thanksgiving

No gym to hit when you’re home for the holidays? This track workout will give you a run for your turkey dinner. Grab a family member and hit the track.


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