Digging into The Workouts the Fit Your Sun Moon And Rising Signs with Twyla Atkins

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You know that person who reminds you that Mercury is in retrograde and they ask new friends to share their astrological signs? It’s me.

And we love leaning into the woo-woo in a fun and approachable way around aSweatLife. Each week, aSweatLife ambassadors get an email with everything fun that’s happening AND one of the Ambassadors, Mary Kesinger, writes a horoscope.

So when Twyla Adkins raised her hand to write a piece for aSweatLife about the right workout for your sun, moon and rising sign, we were all about it. 

Quick, a primer on sun, moon and rising from Alex Caiola, or the high priestess of Brooklyn, who Twyla interviewed for this piece: 

“The sun sign gives insight into your personality and what naturally attracts you … The rising sign also known as the ascendant sets up our first house, which is the house of identity, our body in some respects … It’s how we encounter everything and move through the world. Your rising sign is important when it comes to exercise or how we want movement to fit into our lives. Our emotional needs might impact our workout preferences too. Sometimes your go-to exercise just doesn’t align with your current emotional state. That’s why your moon sign, representing your emotional self, matters.”

And so, on the episode this week, we dig into the world of woo-woo and what it means to us.



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