The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Picking out the perfect pair of pajamas can be pretty tricky. Some people prefer a matching paired set. Others opt for an oversized holey T-shirt from their very first concert, while others prefer fewer layers. If you cannot find the perfect pair of PJ’s then perhaps it is time to opt for sleeping in the nude.

I cannot stand sleeping naked as I feel super exposed. (Someone pass me all of the blankets please.) But turns out, there are some pretty stellar health benefits to sleeping naked. Here is why you may want to turn in your pajama pants for your birthday suit instead.

benefits of sleeping naked

Health benefits of sleeping naked

1. Sleeping naked may cause you to fall asleep faster

According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, the human body decreases in temperature during sleep and then increases upon waking. By shedding layers and sleeping naked, you may potentially be able to initiate the cool-down process faster, which may help you fall asleep quicker. A ticket to drifting off to dreamland sooner? Yes, please!

2. Sleeping naked may increase fertility in men

Couples who are trying to conceive may want to consider sleeping in the nude, especially men. A 2014 study showed that clothing is a direct factor in sperm quality. Warm testicles kill and inhibit sperm, reducing fertility. By reducing the temperature of the testicles by sleeping naked. there may be an improvement in overall sperm quality.

3 Sleeping naked may increase skin to skin contact

If you share the bed with a significant other, sleeping naked with a partner will likely increase skin-to-skin touch between couples. A 2015 study showed that touch, among other factors, resulted in an oxytocin release. Oxytocin released to the brain due to skin-to-skin touch has been shown to reduce stress and increase overall well-being. Talk about two for the win!

4. Sleeping naked may lead to better sleep quality

One of the worst things about sleeping is waking up feeling way too warm and battling a bout of night sweats. (A sweaty pillowcase stuck to the side of your face is not a good look for anyone.) If you get too hot in the middle of the night, you may toss and turn, which could lead to interrupted sleep. By sleeping naked, you are already eliminating a layer of clothing that could potentially make you too warm later in the night, ultimately leading to a sounder, more restful night of sleep.

5. Sleeping naked may lead to better skin health

Just like going braless can help improve skin health, the same can be said about sleeping naked. Tight clothing, especially sweaty clothing, can lead to clogged pores and no one likes to deal with a case of back acne or worse, butt acne. By sleeping naked, you avoid any potential skin irritation and thereby potential acne outbreaks.

How to get used to sleeping naked

If you are a little unsure about sleeping naked, I am right there with you, but Alex Savy, a Certified Sleep Science Coach and the Founder of Sleeping Ocean, offers a few tips on how you can get used to sleeping at a comfortable pace.

Get comfortable – mentally

Besides physically getting comfortable with sleeping naked, you may want to first get comfortable mentally.

“Those who share the bed with a partner should warn their significant other about these changes (and perhaps even encourage them to sleep naked too),” says Savy. “People who live with [young children] and] roommates might want to get a door lock to ensure no one comes into the bedroom when they are naked and ready to sleep.”

Go at it gradually

Getting used to sleeping naked can be challenging,” shares Savy. “That is why it is better to introduce changes gradually. If you are used to cozy pajamas, you can start sleeping in a loose T-shirt and underwear first.”

Derek Hales, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Nap Lab, agrees. “If you are not comfortable sleeping naked right away then try easing into it bit by bit. Simply sleep with one less piece of clothing for a while until it feels more natural.” Something else to add to your wind-down routine!

Invest in quality bedding and sheets

If you are saving money on quality pajamas, then maybe you can put those funds towards quality bedding and some sheets. Savy recommends fabrics that feel smooth and soft against the skin to prevent discomfort.

“Typically, natural sheets perform the best in this scenario. They include bamboo, cotton, linen, merino wool, silk, and Tencel. “

Maintain the right temperature

Savvy says, “Sleepers need to avoid creating an uncomfortably cold environment, so it is better to get a warm, but breathable blanket when sleeping naked. Wearing socks can help too.”

The next time you are unsure which pair of pajamas to pick out, save yourself some time (and money) and make it easier for yourself by simplifying sleeping in the nude. Your bed partner can thank me later.

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