Nicole Cardoza on Equity in wellness and how she started Anti-Racism Daily

This week’s episode of #WeGotGoals features content from the #Sweatworking Summit – and honestly, it’s been challenging to wait to post this until now. During Nicole Cardoza‘s keynote, the crowd was moved and I was a human goosebump.

Connecting with Cardoza and hearing her say, “yes” to speaking at the #Sweatworking Summit helped us to create something that we were truly proud of. Cardoza is the brains behind Anti-Racism Daily, Wellemental, and the author of Mindful Moves. She’s also the creator of Reclamation Ventures, which invests in underestimated entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. 

And she delivered a keynote with a poise that felt superhuman given what she and Texas – where she zoomed in from – had gone through that week.

The week of the #Sweatworking Summit was the very same one during which Texas was hit with a winter that led to the death of at least 26 people and the loss of power and safe water for millions in the state.

You’ll hear her reference that as well as the response to community need in Texas throughout the talk. You’ll also hear some of the parallels between what happened in Texas and the state of the wellness industry in her talk.

But the central and guiding question for Cardoza’s work is this: “What would it look like if we were operating in a system where being well was a right?” And when you think about her career and what she’s built, of course that’s the question. Equity, access, and information for children to learn yoga and mindfulness, for underestimated BIPOC founders creating wellness businesses, and for all communities to simply be well.

The world of wellness she’s building is one of abundance.

“There is enough for all of us to have access to wellbeing and wellness,” she said. “It takes community care for all of us to be well – otherwise it’s an individual practice.”

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  • At the start of her talk, you’ll hear Nicole deliver a land acknowledgement. If you’ve never heard a land acknowledgement before or if you’d like to simply learn more, this is an excellent primer.
  • Not signed up for Anti-racism Daily yet? Do that here.
  • Are you an underestimated founder? Apply for an impact grant here.
  • Nicole referenced a public and racist incident that set the Internet ablaze perpetrated by Yoga Journal. Here’s what happened in her words.

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