8 Activities to do This Summer While Socially Distancing

Are you as eager as I am to be out and about this summer after spending a couple LONG months cooped up inside? I am so over binging Tiger King, reading self-help books and cleaning up after my toddler. Bring on the summer sun and activities with friends, social distancing style of course. Here are some ideas for summer fun while social distancing.

BBQ with friends

Bring your own cooler, snacks and lawn chairs to your friend’s backyard for a BBQ. If you are in a state that requires you to socially distance still, this is the perfect way to enjoy some brews and some time with friends. Pack some sparklers for the kids and enjoy the day BBQ-ing away.


I am located in New Jersey, so most beach towns have bonfires on weekend nights. Bonfires are a great way to see friends and socially distance simultaneously. But if not, head to Home Depot for a fire pit and you can host your own bonfire under the stars with s’mores and friends.

Visit a drive-in movie or host your own in the neighborhood

A lot of towns are hosting drive-in movies in my area—in fact, we even have Movies on the Beach! But if that isn’t available to you, why not DIY? You can snag a projector on Amazon for $40 and hang a sheet on your fence in the backyard for the kids. Pop some popcorn and you have yourself a movie night! Here is a great YouTube tutorial for setting up your own outdoor movie party.

Camping and fishing

Since indoor activities require wearing a mask, why not head to the great outdoors? Find a local fishing pond and go fishing. Or spend the night at a local park and take the kiddos camping. You can find a list of all the National Parks to go camping at here.

Hiking and biking

One of the first (of many many many) quarantine purchases my family made was a bicycle and baby seat for the bicycle. There are so many advantages to getting fresh air, including cleaning your lungs and reinforcing your immune system, that this makes for the perfect activity given the current pandemic.

Rent an RV

Wanting to go on vacation this summer but also want to avoid planes, trains, and cruise ships? Rent an RV with some quarantined friends and take a road trip. It is the perfect time of year to road trip, find a camp ground to stay in, and see different parts of the country.

Visit a farmers market

Sports gatherings may be cancelled, but the farmers markets aren’t. Personally I have already visited about three different farmers markets since spring has started.

While many of them still require you to socially distance, it is still a great way to get outside, select your produce for the week, and soak up that vitamin D. Don’t forget your reusable bags for the market!

Start a garden

My husband tells me I have a black thumb; however, I do have a close friend who has started a garden as a hobby during quarantine and it is absolutely blooming. It was such a great hobby for her to research, read about and now implement now that the season to plant is here. 

This summer is super unique, to say the least, when it comes to weekend plans. But just because that outdoor concert didn’t work out, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the summer months. What do you have planned this summer as we socially distance and make our way out of quarantine?

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Erica Biesiada is a health and wellness blogger and podcaster for Bring Your Own Kombucha and a full time attorney. She has a public relations and journalism degree from Seton Hall University and a law degree from Widener University School of Law. She is passionate about finding a balance between #treatyourself and providing your body with the utmost care by way of nutrition and exercise. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and her newborn baby Elizabeth.