Orgasming In Your Sleep — Yep, It Happens to Some Women

I think it’s pretty safe to say we all love orgasms and we all love sleep, but is it possible to combine these two loves and dare I say it, have a real life orgasm in your sleep? Orgasming in your sleep as a female is rare, but it’s also incredibly possible.

When it comes to orgasming in your sleep, many of us presume it’s just a male thing. (Anyone else getting flash backs to the first sex talk in school? No, just me? Okay, moving on). Known as a sleep orgasm, or nocturnal orgasm, 83 percent of men have reported having a sleep orgasm at some point in their lives, while only 37 percent of women have experienced a nocturnal orgasm.

Can you orgasm in your sleep?

Sleep orgasms can begin with a salacious dream, but don’t necessarily have to. During this time, an elevation of blood flow to the lower half of your body can occur. Add in the fact you are relaxed because you are sleeping and you have the perfect trifecta for a female nocturnal orgasm.

As with most things regarding health, sleep orgasms vary greatly from one individual to another. Some people don’t experience them at all (bummer), while others have them quite often (lucky). orgasming in your sleep

Dr. Elliot Levine, OBGYN, says, “In contrast to the male ‘wet dream,’ where there is evidence for it (e.g. the next morning), resulting from the external emission’s deposit, women generally have less obvious any proof of its occurrence.  Also, we all know that recall of nocturnal dream activity is quite variable for individuals (some have recall, and some don’t).”

How can I have a nocturnal orgasm?

According to, there are a variety of factors that can trigger a sleep orgasm. (This is your cue to begin taking notes). This field of study is very limited, so none of these tips are a guarantee for a nocturnal orgasm—but if that’s your goal for the night then they’re worth trying!

  • Abstain. This one may sound obvious, but abstaining from an orgasm during the day may help reach a point of climax mid zzz’s.
  • Relax. Being in a state of deep relaxation can help you reach a point of orgasm while asleep. If you ever needed a reason to invest in some serious self-care before bed, now would be it.
  • Sleep on your back or stomach. Sleeping on your back offers more contact with your blankets and your pelvic region, while sleeping on your stomach offers more contact between your bed and your pelvic region, both of which can potentially trigger more physical stimulation. Sleeping on your stomach can also create more intense dreams, which may turn you on and cause a sleep orgasm.
  • Think about sex before bed. That daydream you have about your crush, go ahead and think about it right before bed, it may help set the scene for a nocturnal orgasm later in the night.

The big O meets the big Zzz

When it comes to orgasming in your sleep, don’t be afraid to talk about it. As women, we are taught to be polite about anything sex related, so many of us may feel embarrassed to discuss this topic. While researching and writing this article, I even had some moments when I blushed. But in all seriousness, orgasming in your sleep is a completely natural occurrence. It’s pretty amazing what our bodies are capable of doing, so let’s embrace the beauty of it all and see if we change that 37 percent to something more like 87 percent.

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