How to Sage Your Home

Do you ever walk into your home after a long day away and feel like you are walking into stagnant, maybe even stressful, energy? How is this possible?, you might wonder—you just got home!

We all need to take time to regroup every so often, and that includes our homes. Think about all of the people who travel in and out of your home, yourself included, that carry with them both physical and emotional baggage. Sometimes you just need to clear that sh*t out and start fresh, which is where saging comes in.

how to sage your home

Why (and When) You Should Sage

Burning sage (also known as smudging) is an ancient ritual that has been used for thousands of years and is an effective way to cleanse a space of negative energy. Many people burn sage when they want to move on from something, but you can sage your home whenever. Personally, I like to sage my home every season and usually do so at the start of every quarter. (It’s an easy way to remember). Other people like to sage at the start of a new month. No matter when you decide to sage, smudging is a wonderful ritual for new beginnings.

Some common times people may want to sage their home include:

  • Before meditation
  • Moving into a new living space
  • Starting a new job
  • Before/after guests enter/leave your home
  • After an argument
  • Ending a bad week at work
  • After a death, divorce or illness

Sage (Smudging) Ceremony

Saging your home can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. I learned how to sage my home from my favorite astrologer, Ambi, but I’ve tweaked it to fit my personal preferences. Here is how I sage my home:

Step #1: Gather a sage bundle

You can make your own smudge stick if you grow your own sage by drying out some sage leaves and tying them together in a small bundle, but I prefer to take the easier route and purchase mine from Whole Foods. Most herb shops, holistic health stores, metaphysical bookstores and even some yoga and healing arts centers may sell them as well.

Step #2: Light your sage

Close all windows and light the sage bundle by holding a flame to it until it begins to smoke. If a flame appears, gently shake the bundle until the dried sage just embers and smokes. I often relight my sage as I walk through my home and I  live in a studio apartment, so if you have a larger space you may want to keep a lighter or matches close by.

Step #3: Start saging your home

Start at your front door and begin making small, clockwise circles with the smudge stick. Begin at the bottom of the door and work your way to the top. Pay extra close attention to doors, windows and corners as this is where energy can get stuck. As you walk through your home, visualize the sage smoke lifting and carrying away any negative energy that no longer serves you. This entire process can take anywhere from 15-20 minutes depending on the size of your space.

Step #4: Once finished, let the sage burn out

Allow the sage bundle to burn out on its own or gently press it against a heat-proof surface then open all windows and leave your space for at least 20-30 minutes. I notice the longer I leave the clearer the space feels when I return. If possible, I prefer to leave for at least 60-90 minutes. During my time away, I like to think of any negativity leaving my life and thereby my home. Whether that’s in the form of energy, emotions, mindsets, people, relationships, thought patterns or situations, I visualize it leaving and not returning.

Step #5: Reinvigorate your home with positive energy

Upon returning home, close all windows and follow the same steps except instead of using a sage bundle, use a high-vibe scent like Palo Santo or incense to restore your space with positive energy. Sage is known to be so strong it will clear your space of both negative and positive energy, so use the fresh start to fill your space with positive vibes. As I walk around my apartment with my lite incense, I say out loud all of the positive things I want to entire into my life and my home: happiness, laugher, love, success, wealth, all the positive things.

Although this process may sound like a project (and believe me it is at times), it is totally worth it. Every time I sage my space and return home, I feel like I am walking into a brand new apartment and sometimes you just need a fresh start. Happy saging everyone!

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