Quick Hits: Community Offerings in Studios

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We’re hearing a lot about wellness as a “third space”—what’s one way gyms and studios can enhance their community offerings?

Kate Lemere, Chicago Founding Trainer and Director of Midwest Marketing, Barry’s Bootcamp (@barrysbootcamp)

The community has been the very ethos of the Barry’s brand since the first studio location opened in West Hollywood in October of 1998, and today it’s a GLOBAL family. The moment you see someone repping the Chevron, you’re united. Clients and trainers alike immediately bond over Instagram, when they’re visiting other studios, or when walking down the street sipping a shake from the Fuel Bar. Thousands and thousands of clients participate in our global challenges, and the pay off is always more than a great piece of swag, bragging rights, or a killer body. It’s impossible not to get closer with the people around your bench or tread because we’re all in it together.

Claire Bao, National Events and Partnerships Manager, Brooklyn Boulders (@brooklynboulders)

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Photo: Courtney Clinkert for lululemon

As working remotely becomes more popular, co-working spaces in fitness facilities are increasingly more common. And really all you need is reliable WiFi, seating, and sharable surfaces. When not being utilized for work, it becomes a great space to host events or for members and guests to just hang out. At Brooklyn Boulders we find members regularly spend 8+ hours a day here between climbing, fitness, and co-working.

Robyn Rabicke, Director of Operations, Yoga2.0 (@yoga2.0studio)

robyn rabicke quick hits

At Yoga2.0 we are committed to promoting our space as a “Third Space” to our students!  “Third space” is a unique social surrounding set apart from home and workplace!  It is key to create a space that is full of essentials to work/life balance.  A comfortable and welcoming work space, or just a place of community gathering with friends or fellow yogi’s.  Accessibility to free WiFi, locker rooms and amenities to feel as if you were at home, and food and drink to nourish if needed.  Most importantly a place where everyone feels welcome and is surrounded by like minded and positive people!

Tanya Lozano, Founder, Healthy Hood Chicago (@healthyhoodchi)

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In a time where the topic of mental wellness is becoming more and more popular, the issue of “healing” is becoming more relevant. It takes making real relationships with the people in the community you serve to understand what traumas they experience and the challenges with wellness they face as result. We’ve found success in enhancing these relationships by opening our studio up for group gatherings, panels and open dialogue regarding subjects relatable to our specific community. There is no wellness without healing.

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