What You Might Get Out of a Running Coach Session Even if You’re Not Training for a Race

Even if you’re not training for a marathon or race, there’s no reason you can’t still benefit from a running coach. There are actually tons of reasons why meeting with a running coach can improve your health and fitness, your endurance or sprint capacity, and your mentality when it comes to exercise and determination in general.

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If you’re considering meeting with a running pro to work on your athletic abilities, no matter your goals, take these key factors into account.

It  May Improve Your Form

“Whether you’re a new or experienced runner, it can never hurt to check in on your form. We tend to make slight adjustments to our running form over time that can cause injury, such as heel striking as you pick up on speed or putting stress in your neck and shoulders,” says running coach and NYC-based dietitian, Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, author of The No-Brainer Nutrition Guide For Every Runner

A running coach can objectively look at your form and help teach you how to adjust it so that you avoid injury and have a smoother, more efficient gait when running, she explains.

You Can Avoid Getting Injured

“Running coaches always include a warm up and a cool down in your run, which is something that many runners often neglect. Although this may sound boring, it’s necessary to warm up and cool down the muscles to prevent unwanted injury,” Rizzo explains.

By scheduling a session, you’ll go through the right moves for proper warm up and cool down and get into the routine. “A running coach will make you slow down and take time to prevent hurting yourself, which is beneficial in the long run,” she says.

It Can Motivate You

Consider your running coach as your personal cheerleader. “Whether it’s cold, rainy or you’re tired, your running coach will make you hit the pavement. It’s great motivation to meet with someone who cares about your workout and will push you to get a run in, even when you don’t feel like it,” says Rizzo. That will also help you stay more motivated on your own, so you can jump out of bed and get your run in on days you’re feeling down.

It Creates a Personalized Training Regimen

“Training plans are great, but they don’t always meet your individualized needs. Maybe you have a knee injury, so you can’t do squats, or maybe you just had a baby and need a personalized workout,” points out Rizzo. A running coach can help tailor your training plan to your needs and will help you grow stronger. That way, you can figure out how to run your best speed or mileage based on your body and needs.


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  1. Great article! As a coach who has had diet, nutrition, and business coaches in the past I absolutely value what having and investment in a trainer can bring. Sometimes we’re there to hold you back, push you forward, or just be there to chat things out.

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