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We love pretty much everything about #SweatworkingWeek over here — the early mornings, the last-minute trips to Target, the “how many yoga mats can we fit in a car?” game, and of course, seeing familiar faces and new friends at each of the workouts over the course of the week.

But there’s one aspect of #SweatworkingWeek that, try as we might to clone ourselves, we haven’t been able to tackle yet — and that’s bringing #SweatworkingWeek to all our friends outside of Chicago.

Plus, we absolutely adore the coaches and trainers that we work with to make #SweatworkingWeek a reality — and we’ve always wanted to make sure we sing their praises far and wide across the rooftops and the Internet.

This year, to make sure EVERYONE can participate in #SweatworkingWeek with the coaches we love so much, we partnered with our sister company, the SweatWorking App. With their help, we’ve teamed up to create the #SweatworkingWeek Challenge on the SweatWorking App.

In the challenge, you’ll find free workouts from some of the talented and motivational coaches we’ve got on the schedule for #SweatworkingWeek. You’ll get a little bit of everything workout-wise, from a hard-core yoga flow to a rowing and lifting workout to a presence-focused meditation.

Think of it as a chance to preview the workout you’re in for — or, if you’re not local to Chicago, a way to get in on the fun without buying a plane ticket (although we definitely wouldn’t discourage you from doing that, either).

Here’s how it works:

1. From now until June 8, complete THREE workouts either in the #SweatworkingWeek Challenge on the SweatWorking App or as part of #SweatworkingWeek.

2. This is an individual challenge, not a team challenge — but of course, everything is better with friends, so feel free to recruit a few to join you!

3. This challenge is also FREE to participate in — all you have to do is download the SweatWorking App, no subscription required!

4. Prizes! If you complete three workouts either at #SweatworkingWeek or on the SweatWorking app, you’ll win a goody bag FULL of surprises from our favorite partners.

  • National friends will receive a digital goody bag.
  • Chicagoans can grab their goody bag IRL at the Michelob ULTRA #SweatworkingWeek Fitness Festival on June 9, and you’ll get a digital goody bag as well.
  • Before grabbing your swag bag, Chicagoans, you’ll just need to show us that you’ve downloaded the SweatWorking App to your phone — easy-breezy!


Are you ready for it? Join the #SweatworkingWeek Challenge HERE — and if you’re in Chicago, don’t forget to sign up for some of the amazing crawls we have planned for the week here.

Let us know!

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