Get Down to Sweaty Business With a 30-Minute Jump Rope Workout

The jump rope is a must-pack for trips to faraway places where the gym situation may be suspect. It’s light, portable and gives you an easy portable way to get in cardio wherever you are.

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Here’s your workout:

For this workout, you’re going to work for a minute and rest for :10-:15, depending on how ready-to-go you feel after :10. You’ll do this set of exercises twice. Before you get started, do this five minute dynamic warm-up or a dynamic warm-up of your choice. You’re going to jump rope between every single bodyweight exercise, so this will be a cardio challenge. Get ready.

  • :60 Jump rope
  • :60 Triceps push-ups
  • :60 Jump rope
  • :60 Squat jump sumo to narrow squat
  • :60 Jump rope
  • :60 YTL
  • :60 Jump rope
  • :60 Side plank abductors (switch sides halfway)
  • :60 Jump rope
  • :60 Single leg leg lifts (switch sides halfway)
  • :60 Jump rope

Here are your moves:

Jump rope: Grab your favorite jump rope, stay light on your feet and do the variation of jumping rope of your choosing – boxer shuffles, double-unders, jumping with two feet or alternating feet are all great options.


Triceps push-ups: Set up in a plank, keeping your shoulders, hips and heels in one straight line. Keep your elbows locked in tightly and lower down driving your elbows back towards your ribs.

asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_14 asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_13

Squat jump sumo to narrow squat: Starting in a narrow squat, jump your feet out while turning your toes out into a sumo squat.

asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_12 asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_11

YTL: Laying face-down on the floor, hold your straight arms up and out at an angle. Lift up your straight arms and straight legs, keeping your neck long. Then take your arms straight out from your shoulders keeping your palms down and lift up both your straight arms and straight legs. Then bend your elbows, keeping your elbows at your shoulder height and lift up your palms.





asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_6 asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_5

Side plank abductors (switch sides halfway): Get into a modified side plank on your right side with your bottom knee bent and your top leg extended. Start with your hip down on the floor, then lift up your top leg and hip, then lower down with control. Switch sides halfway.

asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_3 asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_4

Single leg leg lifts (switch sides halfway): Lying face-up on the floor with your hands by your glutes, float both feet off the floor. Keeping your right leg floating, lift your left leg up to above hip-height and lower back down. Continue on your right side for half of your time, then switch.

asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_2 asweatlife_jump-rope-workout_1

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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