A Dynamic Warm-Up for Any Workout

Behind every good workout is a great warm-up.

I’m pretty sure someone smart said that in a very lofty tone once. With every 30-minute workout we share, we mention doing a dynamic warm-up first. If you want to think even less about what you need to do for your daily workout, tack on this dynamic warm-up outlined below to whatever 30-minute workout of your choosing and then blast through your workout full-steam ahead.

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Here’s your dynamic warm-up:

Perform each move for 30 seconds. Repeat any and all moves as needed.

  • Toe taps
  • Reach down and across to toes
  • Reach and sit back (right side)
  • Low squat swings side to side
  • Reach and sit back (left side)
  • Lateral lunge
  • Alternating lunge
  • Squat to inchworm
  • Jumping jacks/ cross squats
  • Dynamic lizard lateral lunge stretch
  • High knees

Here’s what the moves look like:

Toe taps: Begin slow, lifting your right leg up and rotating your hip outward to tap your left fingertips to right toes, then switching sides. As you go through this move and your hips begin to open up, you can pick up the pace and even add hops in between. Make sure the rotation is coming from your hips and not straining your knees.


Reach down and across to toes: Take a wide stance and face your toes forward. Slightly bend your knees and hinge forward from your hips to touch your left fingertips to your right toes, stretch your right arm up and look up. Move directly to the other side, tapping your left toes with your right fingertips. Continue switching back and forth, rotating from your torso and keeping your hips square the entire time.

asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_reachfortoes1 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_reachfortoes2

Reach and sit back: Lunge your left leg back and reach forward, arms overhead. Then pull your arms back as you bend your left knee, sit back and stretch your right foot straight, flexing your right foot. Make this move dynamic by moving on your breath. Do 30 seconds on the right side, then 30 on the left.

asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_reachandpull1 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_reachandpull2

Low squat swings side to side: Start in an athletic stance. Squat low, then rock your weight to your right leg and stretch your left leg out. Swing back through your squat and over to the other side.


To add more to this stretch, stretch your right arm overhead when you press your right leg out and then stretch your left arm overhead when you stretch your left leg out (Variation B).

(Variation B)

Lateral lunge: From a wide stance, sit your butt back and lunge into your right leg, keeping your toes tracking forwards and heels on the ground. Alternate lunges side to side.


For an added warm-up, reach your right arm up for a twist when you lunge right (Variation B).

(Variation B)asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_laterallunge3

Alternating lunge: Lunge your left leg back and down to a 90-degree bend for both knees. Keep your hips square and rotate your torso to the right (towards your front leg). Rotate back to center, stand and switch legs. asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_alternatinglunge

Squat to inchworm: Begin in an athletic stance. Keep your weight in your heels as you sit your butt back, keeping your chest lifted. From the bottom of your squat, pause for a moment with your heels on the ground, then place your hands on the ground and walk out to a plank. Either do one push-up here or walk your hands right back to your feet, keeping your legs straight to stretch your entire back side. Stand all the way up, then go back down into your squat to repeat.

asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm10asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm2 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm3 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm4 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm5 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm6 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm7 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm8 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm9 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_squatinchworm10

Jumping jacks / cross squats: Either perform regular jumping jacks, hopping your feet out from an athletic stance, bringing arms overhead and jumping them back together and arms back down, or cross one foot over the other, bring it back to a neutral stance and squat down. You can make this more cardiovascular by hopping your feet across and hopping them back and down into a squat (as pictured).


Dynamic lizard lateral lunge stretch: Begin in a plank. Place your right foot outside your right hand and lift your right arm up for a twist. Bring your hand back down, shift your weight back and into your left leg to come into a deep lateral lunge, focusing on keeping your left heel down and glutes tucked under (and your right toes facing up). Transition the weight back into your right leg and come back to your lunge, then step back to a plank. Repeat everything on the left side. Continue this combo exercise for a full 30 seconds.

asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_dynamiclizard1 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_dynamiclizard2 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_dynamiclizard3 asweatlife_dynamicwarmup_dynamiclizard5

High knees: Lift one knee in towards your chest, then quickly switch to the other leg. Move as quickly as you can, keeping control over your core.

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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